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Dantherm Power
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology
Focus. Trust. Initiative.
Hydrogen & fuel cell technology
- the future has long since begun
In 2003 Dantherm decided to commit
off much sooner than expected. The future
apartment blocks, or small-scale industry.
substantial R&D resources to the develop-
began when we launched the first power
Today Dantherm Power has already pro-
ment and successful application of hydro-
supply solutions using fuel cell tech-
duced and delivered several power supply
gen and fuel cell technology. As a major
nology in 2005 and subsequently formed
solutions and the production and market-
supplier of climate control units for tele-
Dantherm Power in 2007.
ing of Micro Combined Heat and Power
com base stations all over the world we
units will start up in the near future.
focused on the development of Backup
Since then Dantherm Power has focused on
and Uninterruptible Power Supply based
the further development and marketing of
on this environmentally sustainable and
both customized power supply solutions for
economically viable technology.
the telecom industry and the development
of Micro Combined Heat and Power units
We believed we were preparing for a dis-
based on fuel cell technology. These units
tant future. Our initiative, however, paid
can be used in private households, small
Heat and power
- clean and efficient
What is fuel cell technology
ful substances. Fuel cells produce heat
over immediately in case of power inter-
Fuel cells are electrochemical energy con-
and electricity from hydrogen and oxy-
ruptions or main power outage.
version units, producing electricity and
gen. The latter is taken directly from the
heat from hydrogen and air. If hydrogen is
surrounding air. The process is almost
Micro Combined Heat and Power units
not available they can be operated on re-
noiseless and transmission loss of energy
A complete power and heating plant for a
formed alcohols, bio fuels or natural gas.
is virtually non-existent contributing to
private household or small-scale industry
the overall extreme efficiency of our fuel
the size of a common refrigerator is one
cell solutions.
of the latest results of Dantherm Power’s
Environment friendly
and extremely efficient
commitment to develop environment
The potential benefit to the environment
Customized backup power solutions
from small local hydrogen powered fuel
Dantherm Power offers complete custom-
cell units replacing large power plants
ized backup power solutions designed for
and district heating plants is immense.
telecom and IT networks providing Unin-
Our solutions emit no pollution or harm-
terruptible Power Supply as the units take
friendly energy solutions.
Dantherm Power - a company you can trust
Dantherm Power A/S is a subsidiary of
logy. From development and produc-
commercially profitable in a few years,
Dantherm A/S located in Skive, Den-
tion, to sale and support of complete
such as Micro Combined Heat and Po-
solutions to customers within the tele-
wer units aimed at private households.
com industry, defence, relief organisatiSince 1958 Dantherm A/S has built a so-
ons and others who need backup power
Focus. Trust. Initiative. These are the
lid reputation as a trustworthy supplier
solutions and mobile power supply
keywords to the way we do business.
dedicated to constantly setting new
They are your guarantee that Dantherm
standards for customized solutions, sup-
when it comes to development and pro-
resources to the development of new
duction of customized solutions based
Dantherm Power focuses on the com-
fields in which the hydrogen and fuel
on fuel cell technology.
mercial exploitation of fuel cell techno-
cell technology is expected to become
Dantherm Power A/S
Majsmarken 1
DK-9500 Hobro
Tel.: +45 8843 5500
Fax: +45 9614 3805
E-mail: [email protected]
Dantherm Power Inc.
4260 Orchard Park Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Tel.: +1 (864) 595 9800
Fax: +1 (864) 595 9810
E-mail: [email protected]
Thorvig Tryk, Skive
Dantherm Power also commit major R&D
port and customer relations.
Power A/S is your most reliable partner