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• It is a global phenomenon.
• Surely, all people have become victims of deliberate
• Some believe that propaganda helps to set up an
organized and disciplined society.
• But Propaganda is trying to create confusion among
• It comes from the Latin expression 'De Propaganda
• In most cases, propaganda uses false information
presented with palpable words and slogans.
• It goal is to create a reality where there are people
who will belong to a particular ideology, will use the
same products and will work with a militant way.
• Propaganda does not always aim to harm people.
Propaganda’s History
• The roots of propaganda are around 1622.
• Over the years, propaganda has changed format and
• One of the most typical kinds of Propaganda was this of
• Intense propaganda atmosphere also found in Ancient
Greece and Rome.
• Propaganda is evolving among the society.
Aim of Propaganda
• The aim and purpose of propaganda is to create
a mass of people that have the same ideology.
• The creators of propaganda are trying to create
confusion with excessive exposure information,
sometimes useless, either by passing false
• Nowadays propagandists seek the prevalence of
certain ideas and lifestyles that the crowd is
easily controlled by various political groups.
Types of Propaganda
• It is divided into three types according
to the source.
• 'White Propaganda’
• 'Grey Propaganda’
• 'Black Propaganda'.
Methods of spread of
• Brochures, magazines, posters, newspapers, radio,
internet and TV.
• Rallies, marches, occupations, protests, celebrations
and ceremonies.
• Propaganda is found also in the patriotic spirit of the
• The parades, history, values and military
• The slogans and signs in the streets, walls of houses
and public buildings.
Subliminal Messages
• Subliminal messages affect the brain.
• The most efficient way to impose subliminal
messages is through the media.
• It is the most treacherous in the world of
information because the listeners can not understand
the messages directly.
Subliminal Messages
• Subliminal Messages initiated by the first moment
after their power.
• Subliminal Projection Company.
• Subliminal Messages used with a wrong way.
Creating Mob
• It is the creation of a group of people from
different backgrounds, who have different
ideology and culture, but behave and act in the
same way.
• The mob is more easily controlled.
• There are two types of mob, the dynamic and
• Both forms of mob confusion and destruction
the individual.
• Propaganda is a dangerous phenomenon
which during the passage of years has
become increasingly intense.
• Certainly, Propaganda will continue to exist
and change forms to achieve the purposes of
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