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• Today we will explain why the Roman Empire
split and eventually fell. We will discuss the rise
of the Byzantine Empire and the effect that
Emperor Justinian and his code had on the
empire. We will also compare the Justinian
code to present day issues and examples.
• Who was the emperor who helped Rome
move from persecuting Christians to
accepting them?
• What bridge did his army fight at?
• What did his soldiers do to their shields?
• What is something fun you did this weekend?
• video
• Before Constantine’s reign, the Roman Empire
divided into east and west. Each side was ruled by
someone different
• The western half of Rome had a lot of struggles
(corruptions, unemployment) and got invaded by
Germanic tribes.
• By 476, the city of Rome got invaded and the
western Roman Empire fell.
• Constantine lead western Rome and
rebuilt the city Byzantium
• He renamed it “Constantinople.” Today it
is the city Istanbul, in Turkey
• The eastern Roman empire became
known as the Byzantine Empire
• Emperors now lived in Constantinople
instead of Rome
• Christianity very important to Byzantine
• The empire thrived, blending Christian
beliefs with Greek and Roman culture.
The Empire lasts from 476 til the 1400s!
• Justinian one of the most famous
emperors of Byzantine
• Wanted to create a “new Rome”, and
had military campaigns to take over parts
of western Roman Empire that were lost
• He also creates the “Justinian Code”
• Emperor Justinian wanted to collect all the
laws and rulings of ancient Rome and put
them together in a “code”
• He had several legal ministers and scholars
work for months to collect all the Roman laws
and court hearings.
• The finished product of the Justinian Code had 4
different books
• 1. Institutes: like a textbook for students and lawyers
• 2. Digest: Covered many trials and decisions
• 3. Codex: collection of laws and principles
• 4. Novels: New proposed laws
• By the 1100’s the code spread out to western
Europe, and kings would use it as an example
for their own law
• The Justinian Code guided legal thinkers who
put together today’s international law.