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How are these beliefs
similar to those
commonly accepted in
our society?
What do you know
about the Ten
The Hebrews, Judaism and
Monotheism-The Israelites
• Define the following terms in your Note Book.
• Monotheistic: Belief in one God.
• Sabbath: Jewish Holy day
• Prophets: Spiritual leaders who interpret the will
of God
• Diaspora: The scattering of people-Jewish
people sent to different parts of the world.
Please take summarized Cornell Notes.
Questions and cues in the left margin
as we go through the PP..
• In antiquity, the idea of one indivisible, allpowerful God was incomprehensible. A variety
of religions permeated all aspects of existence.
• All River valley Civilizations were polytheistic;
all believed in multiple gods.
• Into this polytheistic world, about 3,800 years
ago, appeared a man named Abraham who made
an amazing intellectual discovery that changed
history. Abraham said: Polytheism is just an
illusion. There is only one God, who is the
Creator of the universe.
Why is this funny?
• Monotheism is the most revolutionary idea that
the Hebrews/Jewish people brought to the
human society.
• Monotheism, the belief in one God who is the
Creator of the Universe, the Father of all
humanity, and the source for one absolute
standard of morality, is the single greatest
contribution to civilization in the history of
The Hebrew People
• Monotheistic – Belief in one God, Yahweh.
• Their history is written in the first five books of
the Old Testament, The Torah.
• Ten Commandments were part of a covenant or
promise made with Yahweh.
• First to have an abstract notion of God, and to
forbid his representation by images.
• Judaism is considered a major world religion for its
unique contribution of Monotheism. It influenced
Christianity and Islam, two other monotheistic
faiths that rose in the middle East.
• Text Book page 35: Read the passage on The
impact of Judaism and answer the question below:
What is the lasting political and cultural
influence of the Israelites?
Sinker: Complete a concept map on
Home Work
• Complete the PERSIAN CHART