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Unit 4 Test Review
1. The Middle East has a dry climate, what is another word for a dry climate?
2. What is the main resource exported in the Middle East?
3. What is a surplus?
4. What is scarcity?
5. What resource does the Middle East have a surplus of? What resource is scarce there?
6. Define the following terms: theocracy, democracy, communism
7. What is monotheism?
8. Which of the five main world religions are monotheistic?
9. What is polytheism?
10. Mesopotamia means “land between rivers” What two rivers are they referring to?
11. Ancient Egypt is located on what river?
12. Why did Mesopotamia and Egypt rely on yearly floods?
13. What three things define a civilization?
14. What is interdependence?
15. Many nations in the Middle East have been under dictatorships. What did those dictators do with most of the
money from oil exports? Hint: we read it in junior scholastic magazine.
16. If a country has very little of a resource, what happens to the price of that resource?
17. What do nations do to get more of that resource?
18. ONE of the reasons for conflict between Israel and Palestine has been?
19. What is OPEC? What does it do?