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Mesopotamia Vocabulary Review
Mesopotamia- land between two rivers (Euphrates and Tigris Rivers)
City-state- independent city with its own king
Empire- many city-states united under one king
Ex. Assyrian, Sumerian, Babylonian
Ziggurat- temple built for a god located in the middle of the city; only priest
allowed inside
Polytheistic- religion with a belief in more than one god
Social Pyramid- a model used to show who holds wealth and power in a
Study Tips:
 Be able to label the social pyramid
 Understand why a triangle shape is used to show social class
system in Mesopotamia
 Know the sequence of events that lead a king to gain power
(government flow chart…in order)
 Know what each king is remembered for
 Understand Hammurabi’s law (“Eye for and Eye” and how social
class impacted punishment)
 Know your vocabulary terms!!