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Chapter 6
from Book 1 of Judgment Of The Stars
Translated from Spanish by
Norah Nasturas
Copy editor: Andree Leclerc
Professional Astrologer since 1978, and
Tarot teacher since 1981. She has studied
Astrology with Guy Jurdan in France, as
well as Mme Emery and Mme Mars in
Geneva, and Alexander Ruperti in
Lausane Switzerland. Dinorah is currently
teaching Astrology and Tarot in Canada
and working with a group of psychologists
in Geneva, Switzerland applying
Astrology knowledge to find the young
children and babies cause of personality’s
trouble. She regularly receive request for
consultations, especially from Italy,
France, Brasil, Uruguay- South America,
USA, Canada and Switzerland via phone,
fax or email, countries where she was
living and traveling. Her website is
Book 6 - Chapter 1
li Benragel (born in the year
950 – died in the year 1038)
He was an Arab astrologer of
the late 10th and early 11th centuries, best
known for his Kitāb al-bāri' fi ahkām annujūm. He was a court astrologer to the
Tunisian prince Al-Mu'izz Ibn Bâdis in
the first half of the 11th century. His
book was translated by Yehudā ben
Moshe into Old Castilian for Alfonso X
of Castile in 1254 under the title El libro
conplido en los iudizios de las estrellas
("The complete book on the judgment
of the stars"). The only surviving
manuscript of the Old Castilian
translation is MS 3605 at the National
Library in Madrid, which however
contains only 5 of the 8 books of the
complete Old Castilian translation.
In 1485 at Venice a complete copy of the
translated into Latin and published by
Erhard Ratdolt as Praeclarissimus liber
completus in judiciis astrorum ("The very
famous complete book on the judgment
of the stars"). This printing (and later
Latin versions) is commonly known as
De iudiciis astrorum (or De judiciis
This is about the years of each planet, in relation with the age of a person, during the
whole lifespan of a person.
In this chapter, the explanation about the Age when a planet is active in a chart is given
as follows:
We will start with this information following the first years of the person, taking the
first sphere nearer to us that is the Moon. Moon rules the first 4 years of life, and
represents the years the baby needs help for nutrition, to walk, etc. The body of the baby
is wet, is not totally formed, is growing – this is the reason why it is weak and soft, the
limbs are not strong enough to do all movements or to avoid accidents.
After four years, the Government moves to the 2nd planet, naturally to Mercury, who rules
a total of 10 of the childhood years, when the limbs are strengthened, the intelligence
awakens, begins the speech, and reflection
– at this age the child also begins to
awaken out of the customs and traditions,
and the real learning begins.
After Mercury’s 10 years comes Venus
Governing during adolescence, during 8
years. At this time, operating of the
hormones in the two sexes begins, and this
is when the person starts to be interested
in everything related with to love and sex.
Original page from Ali Ben Ragel’s
After Venus is the Government of the Sun
for 22 years, during the youth’s years to the
middle of the life – and for 19 years out these
revolutions, it operates in conjunction with the
Moon. In this period of time, the person is
strong in his physical body, conscious of
one’s actions, bold, begins to work, to earn
a living, imposing on himself the rules for
his future living, the personality is better
defined, one’s mistakes are corrected and
this is the time to seek honor and fame.
At 41 years old, begins the Government of the 5th planet which is Mars, and it rules for 15
years. At this time difficulties with the work and livelihood may be experienced,
illnesses, sorrows of the spirit, the body begins to become tired and, in general, the person
will keep companies which he would be better off leaving alone, will be hoping to
increase monetary income and will participle in dangerous enterprises, sometimes risking
his life.
At 56 years old, starts the Government of the 6th planet Jupiter, which corresponds to
maturity and will last for 12 years. At that time, he will obtain the outcome of efforts and
difficulties, will remain at rest not wanting to expose himself to more dangers and work;
the person will return to the law and all that is correct, reflecting on life, separating from
shameful words or actions, trying to constantly be honorable, discreet and a philosopher.
After will be the Government of the last planet, the 7th, until the end of life and
decrepitude. At this time the body is weakened, the movements become slower, the joy
and material desires are eliminated,
impulses are controlled and he is
inspired, does not trust in beliefs and
becomes cold as Saturn.
he real lifespan of a subject
depends on the positions in
general, if they are favorable or
not, how the years in the Government for
each of the planets will be in relationship
to the hierarchy, power, and if the planet
is lucky or not. Following the position in
Sign and House, actions or status of the
person are judged following the years
each planet rules, according to nature’s
order. On the other hand we have begun
the Governments of the “Years of Life”
by the Moon and we have given the
minimum between the major and minor
cycles of years from all the planets – 4
years, in relation with the 4 weeks it
takes the Moon to come back to the
conjunctions with the Sun – for Jupiter it
get the 12 years it requires for one circle The zodiac signs linked as linked to the body – from the same
work Mercury half of its
of the Zodiac while Saturn takes almost 30 years for the same. To
childhood years are given after which we gave the other planets their complete juvenile
years. According to this calculation following the order of the planets, the total Years of
Life result is 98 years. If the person exceeded these years, we would return to the years of the
Moon - and if these also exceeded we will return to the years of Mercury exceeding
which we’ll come to the years of life of Venus, thus obtaining a total of 120 years which is
the largest number obtainable in relation with the Sun and what is considered a full life.
Aben Ragel - (950 – 1038 ) Arab Astrologer
Planets’s Years of rulership
Moon –
Mercury –
Venus –
rules the 1st - 4 years of life
rules 10 years of life
4 - 14
rules 8 years of life
Sun –
rules 19 years of life
22 - 41
Mars –
rules 15 years of life
41 - 56
Jupiter –
rules 12 years of life
56 - 68
Saturn –
rules 30 years of life
68 - 98
rules 4 years of life
98 - 102
Moon –
Mercury –
Venus –
rules 10 years of life
rules 8 years of life
102 - 112
112 - 120
Translator's Note – as you see here, the Medieval Astrologers, European or Arabic, don't
give "Years of Life" to Rahu or Ketu, but they did work with them under the name of Caput
Draconis or Cauda Draconis in some other methods and other calculations as Fridaria (similar to
Dashas calculation) giving 3 years to the Head – Rahu – and 2 years to the Tail – Ketu.