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The Rise of the Nazi Regime
Part 1: Crisis in Germany
• Blame for the War
• Economic Ruin
Who Was Responsible for WWI?
• Germany was forced to take blame based on
the Treaty of Versailles
How did Germany take Responsibility?
International Shame
Loss of Army – Feelings of National Weakness
Loss of Territory
Germany tried to print
money to pay reparations.
Because there was so
much, German money
became worthless.
The Freikorps
Part 2: The Nazi Myth
• Propaganda: Blaming Someone Else
• Promise for the Future: Economic Prosperity
• Someone to Lead: Hero or Villain
Someone to blame
The Jew
“The People of a Nation
Help Themselves”
• Problem: Germany had been shamed by being
blamed for the war.
• Solution: Hitler says Germany will refuse to take
ownership of the war.
• Problem: Reparations are crippling Germany’s
• Solution: Hitler says Germany must refuse to pay
• Problem: Germany has lost its army.
• Solution: Hitler promises to rebuild the army
• Problem: Germany has lost land
• Solution: Hitler promises to retake what Germany
Someone to Lead