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 Rise of Totalitarianism
Germany’s brand of fascism >Nazism
Part I > Guided lecture:
Totalitarianism so far:
What was the Treaty of Versailles, and why did it cause the Germans great shame and anger?
Why did many Germans lack confidence in the Weimar (VI-mar)
Adolf Hitler
Part II>Directions: Read pages 477-480 and complete the following:
Briefly discuss Hitler’s background
What was the full name of the Nazi Party, and when did Hitler become it’s leader?
Where did the Nazi’s get their support?
Who were the brown shirts?
Define: der Fuhrer (duhr FYUR-uhr)
Hitler was arrested in 1923 for trying to start a revolution against the Weimar Republic. (The event was
called > ____________________________________*we’ll fill this one in class) While he was in jail, Hitler wrote a book.
What was it called, and what did the book talk about?
Define: lebensraum
How did the above play into Hitler’s plans for Germany?
How did the Great Depression make Hitler’s message more appealing?
10. Who was Paul von Hindenburg and what did he do?
Was this against anyone’s better judgment?
11. Briefly explain each and discuss how each of the following helped Hitler gain total control.
a. Reichstag fire
Enabling Act
Schutzstaffel (SS) & the Gestapo
Economic programs
Hitler Youth & League of German Girls
12. How did Hitler begin to make war on the Jews?
13. Where else in Europe did countries fall to dictatorship?
14. Consider the countries listed in the answer above, geographically, what part of Europe was this?
15. Why were these countries so vulnerable to totalitarian control?
16. What two camps do we have in Europe by the mid-1930s?