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After WWI the economy of the
countries involved took a
dive. Why? War is good for
In the US unemployment
reached as high as 25%
Great Britain, France, and
Italy also suffered from
horrible unemployment
Great Depression
Inflation was so bad in
Germany that many people
could not afford to buy food
to eat
Adolf Hitler rose to
prominence promising to
restore Germany to it’s
pre-WWI greatness
Appeasement: Czechoslovakia
Following WWI the Western
European powers were committed
to preventing another world war
When Hitler rose to power western powers
ignored Germanys violations of the Treaty of
The West
negotiated with
Hitler, granting the
territory to Germany
Soon Hitler began saying that Germans
needed more lebensraum and
demanding that the Sudetenland (a
region along the German Czech border)
be returned to Germany
When Hitler saw the West did not
want to fight he sent troops into
Genocide: Rape of Nanjing
In 1931 Japan took control of the northern
region of China called Manchuria as the
first step in creating a Pacific Empire
Once the Japanese
captured Nanjing they
rounded up all the
remaining Chinese
soldiers and marched
them out of town
Many women in Nanjing
were turned in to sex
slaves for the Japanese
soldiers called Comfort
In 1939 the Japanese said they
were provoked by the Chinese
and captured their Capital city
They began brutally
killing the prisoners of
war. Some were used for
target and bayonet
practice, others were