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Manufactured Units
A General
1. The busbar trunking system, shall be sandwich construction. All busbar trunking fittings
(elbow, tees, end Cable Tap Box, etc.) shall be in accordance to IEC 60439:2005 and from
the same manufacturer as the busbar trunking system.
2. All contact on joint and plug-in opening should be silver plating copper to avoid
electrochemical corrosion and minimizes the contact resistance
3. Rated operation voltage of the busbar trunking is 1000V. 3 – Phase, 4 – Wire with 50%
capacity continuity integral/internal earth bus. Full size neutral of the same cross-sectional
area as the phase conductor.
B Certification
1. The busbar should pass type testing on full range of each rating which is carried by
international well-known lab accredited by IEC, i.e. KEMA etc..
2. The busbar passes seismic tests with actual physical product and being certified complying to
Zone 4 seismic.
Basic Construction
A Housing
1. The busbar trunking housing shall be constructed of code gauge steel and aluminum to reduce
hysteresis and eddy current loses and shall be provided with a suitable protective finish of
ANSI 49 grey epoxy paint.
2. The busbar trunking housing shall be totally enclosed non-ventilated for protection against
mechanical damage and dust accumulation. And can endure 1000 hour salt spray testing.
3. The totally enclosed housing shall be manufactured by the busbar trunking manufacturer.
Modifications of busbar trunking to make it totally enclosed by other than the busbar
trunking manufacturer voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Busbar trunking so modified is
unacceptable without the written consent of the manufacturer.
B Joint
1. The busbar trunking joint shall be of the one-bolt type which utilizes a high strength steel
bolt(s) and Belleville washers to maintain proper pressure over a large contact surface area.
2. The bolt shall be torque indicating and at earth potential. And shall be two-headed design to
indicate when proper torque has been applied an require only a standard long handle wrench
to be properly activated.
3. Access shall be required to only one side of the busbar trunking for tightening joint bolts.
4. It shall be possible to remove any joint connection assembly to allow electrical isolation or
physical removal of a busbar trunking length without disturbing adjacent busbar trunking
5. The contact on joint should be silver plating copper.
C Busbars
1. Each busbar shall be insulated of Class B Insulation rated 130 degree C.
The temperature rise at any enclosure of the busbar grunking shall not exceed 55 degree C
rise above ambient temperature when operation at rated load current.
D Plug-in Opening
1. The contact should be silver plating copper to minimize the contact resistance. Plug-in unit
can plugged direct onto the full thickness of the busbar through opening to ensure the safety
of contact.
On plug-in busbar trunking there shall be three dead front, hinged cover type plug-in
openings on each side..
3. All openings shall be usable simultaneously.
4. Busbar trunking shall be installed so that plugs are side mounted to permit practical use of
all plug-in openings.
5. It shall be possible to inspect the plug-in opening and busbars prior to the installation of the
plug-in units.
Support of busbar Trunking
1. Hanger spacing shall be noted on layout drawings and shall not exceed manufacturer’s
2. Indoor feeder and plug-in busbar trunking shall be approved for hanger spacing of up to 3
meters for horizontally mounted run and 4.88 meters for vertically mounted runs. Outdoor
feeder busbar trunking shall be approved for spacing of up to 1.5 meters for horizontally or
vertically mounted runs.
Voltage Drop
1. The voltage drop (input voltage minus output voltage) specified shall be based on the busbar
trunking operating at full rated current and at stabilized operating temperature.
2. The three-phase, line-to-line voltage drop shall not exceed 3.1 volts per hundred feet at 40%
power factor concentrated load which may exist during motor starting.
3. The line-to-line voltage drop shall not exceed 4.0 volts per hundred feet ant the load power
factor which produces maximum voltage drop in the busbar trunking.
Plug-in Units
1. Spring design of connecting jaw ensures max strength at contact area between the plug-in unit
and busbar
2. The earthing contact of the tap-off unit shall always be made before that of the live conductors
and the last to break during removal
3. Plug-in units (circuit breaker type or fusible switch type) shall be operated with visible blade
quick-make and quick-break mechanism
4. Plug-in units which cannot be operated directly from the floor shall be equipped with suitable
means for hookstick operation.
5. Presence of transparent shield inside to avoid direct contact of human
Plug-in Unit safety device
1. Plug-in enclosures shall make positive earth connection with the earth bus before the jaws
make contact with the phase bars. The earthing method shall be such that it cuts through
painted surfaces to make the positive earth connection.
2. The plug-in units shall be equipped with internal barriers to prevent accidental contact of fish
tape and conductors with live parts on the ling side of the protective device during time of
wire pulling.
3. Covers of all plug-in untis must have interlocks to prevent the cover from being opened when
the switch is in the ON position.