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Endangered Species Act
Sutton Bay
Elana Yanusz
Period 3
What is the purpose of the ESA?
• The purpose is to protect and recover
imperiled species and the ecosystems upon
which they depend.
The ESA is…
• A list of endangered species including
– Grasses
– Trees
– Flowers
Who oversees the ESA?
• The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service oversees all
listing and protection of terrestrial animals
and plants as well as fresh water fish.
• The National Marine Fisheries Service
oversees marine life.
When was the ESA passed and why?
• The Endangered Species Act was passed by
Congress in 1973.
• There were concerns about low populations in
some species. These concerns came about
due to habitat destruction and overhunting.
Threatened or Endangered?
• Endangered – in danger of extinction in its
natural habitat.
• Threatened – likely to become endangered in
the future.
• All species of plants and animals except pest
insects are eligible for listing as endangered or
Criteria for being listed as endangered
Has a large amount of destroyed habitat
Is overhunted by humans
Threatened by diseases or predators
Not enough laws for protection of species
Other man-made factors
One or more = yes then listed
Fun Facts
• There are 1,970 species listed under the ESA.
• Of that number 1,361 can be found in the USA
as of 2009.
• The number one endangered species is the
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.
• Endangered Species Day is held on the 3rd
Friday of each May.
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