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Facts About Insects!!
Sharron Brewer
A Few Facts!!
• Entomology is the study of insects.
• Insects have an exoskeleton. Three body
• The head, the thorax, and the abdomen.
– The head is where you find all the sensory
organs - the eyes, ears, mouth and antennae.
– The thorax is where all of the insect's legs and
wings are attached.
– The abdomen is where the insect digests its
food and where its reproductive organs are
How many insects are in the
• There is an estimate of 1,017,018 different
species of insects.
• 3 out of 4 creatures on the planet are insects.
• There are roughly
– 2,000 praying mantis
– 5,000 dragonfly
– 20,000 grasshopper
– 170,000 butterfly or moth
– 360,000 beetle.
What insects live the longest?
• Most bugs live less than a year and are
seasonal, however…
• Tarantulas can live 30 years.
• A queen termite has been known to live
50 years.
• Some wood beetles can emerge from
wood where they live after as long as 40
Do insects have blood?
Do they bleed?
• Insects do have blood, but it’s not like
human blood.
– Human blood is read because of hemoglobin
which carries oxygen through the body.
– Insects get oxygen from a complex system of
air tubes that connect to the outside through
openings called spiracles.
– Instead of carrying oxygen, their blood carries
nutrients from one part of the body to
– They do bleed when they are hurt, and their
blood can clot so they can recover from minor
How do insects grow?
• Insects have their skeletons on the
outside, with their soft parts inside.
This makes it hard for them to grow.
• Every time they want to become bigger,
they have to break out of their skin and
swell up to their new size before their
new skin hardens. This is called molting.
Fried spiders taste like nuts.
The male ladybug is usually smaller
than the female.
A butterfly's taste sensors are
located below their feet.
Ants don't sleep.
A flea can jump 130 times its own
Cockroach can live up to nine days
without its head.
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