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Insects (the rulers of Animalia!)
-Class: Insecta
-Largest group of arthropods
-More than 1 million species have been identified!
-Live almost anywhere (except oceans)
General Insect Anatomy
-3 body regions = head, thorax, and abdomen
-Antennae (have a pair) = sensory structures used for
touch, taste, and smell
-3 pairs of legs (6 total)
-usually have wings
-spiracle – opening to air tubes, used for breathing
-tympanum – hearing organ used in some insects
Let’s Take A Closer Look…
Using the dissecting scope, look at the ants
and point out the 3 body segments & other
unique features!
Insect Development
• Metamorphosis
– series of developmental changes of an
Complete vs. Incomplete Metamorphosis
(Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult)
(Egg, Nymph, Adult)
Ecological and Human Importance
• Many plants require insects for their
• Some insects are decomposers
• Insects are important part of food webs
• Some insects transmit diseases to
• Some insect destroy crops