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Islamic University of Gaza
Faculty of Engineering
Electrical Engineering Department
EELE 5450— Fall 2010-2011
Power Electronics
Instructor: Moayed N. Almobaied, Msc.
Telephone: 2875
E-mail: [email protected]
Assistant: Mansour Alramlawi
Room: Laboratory
E-mail: ---------------------
Course description :
Power Electronics is power conversion and control from one form of power (energy) source to a desired form by
using power semiconductor devices wherein these devices operate as switches. This course provides a basic
knowledge of power Electronics device characteristics and circuits for the control and conversion of electrical
power with high efficiency. These converters can change and regulate the voltage, current, or power; dc-dc
converters, ac-dc uncontrolled and phase controlled rectifier circuits, dc-ac inverters, and ac-ac cycloconverters.
Applications include electronic Switching power supplies, motors, heaters system, and renewable energy
systems. Analysis, design, and operation of power electronic circuits will be considered by simulation software .
Prerequisite: Electric circuits II (EELE 2311),Electric Machines (EELE 4350)
Primary Text: (Hard copy) Power Electronics & Controls. Samir K. Datta, Reston Publishing
Company, Inc. 1985.
Secondary Text: (Soft Copy) Power Electronics, Circuits, Devices, and applications. Second edition,
M. H. Rashid, Prentice-Hall International 1993.
Power Electronics for Technology, Ashfaq Ahmed, Preintice Hall 1999
Power Electronics, converters, applications, and design, N. Mohan, T. Undeland & W.
Robbins, John Wiley &Sons, Inc. 1989.
Power Electronic Converters, AC/DC Conversion, Guy Sequier, McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1986.
Introduction to Modern Power Electronics, Andrzej Trzynadlowski, John Wiley &Sons,1998.
PSIM :Is a simulation software designed for power electronics, motor control.
Caspoc 2005: :Is a simulation software used for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Office Hours
Sat, Mon 11:00—12:00, Sun, Tue 11:00—12:00
Midterm exam ……… …........20 %
Homework ……………..……10 %
Quizzes ……………………...10 %
Project ……………………....10 %
Lab…………………………...20 %
Final exam …………….…….30 %
Grading Policy
Regular attendance of this class is necessary to receive a passing grade.
Weekly problem sets will be typically assigned and will be due one week later before the start of
Cellular phones should be off or on silent ring during class in order to keep classroom distractions
at a minimum.
Cheating will not be tolerated and will be dealt with decisively.
1. Introduction to Power electronics:
2. Power Diodes:
3. Thyristors:
4. Phase-Controlled Rectifiers:
5. AC Line Voltage Control:
6. DC Choppers and DC motor:
7. Line Commutated Inverter:
8. Dc link Inverter:
9. Control of DC and AC Motors
10. AC-to-AC Converter-Cycloconverter
11. Thyristor Trigger Circuit
12. Switching Power supply
a. Applications of Power Electronics.
b. History of Power Electronics.
c. Control Characteristics of Power Devices.
e. Power Semiconductors Devices.
d. Types of Power Electronics Circuits.
a. Construction and Characteristics.
b. Rating.
c. Forward Voltage Drop.
d. Series and Parallel Operation.
e. Other related topics
a. Description of SCR.
b. SCR Trigger.
c. Snubber Circuit.
d. Other related topics.
a. Basic Controlled Rectifier Circuits.
b. Single-Phase Full-wave Circuit.
c. m-Phase Rectifier with Resistive Load.
d. Other related topics.
a. AC Phase Control with Resistive Load.
b. Zero Voltage Switching.
c. Other related topics
a. SCR Voltage Choppers.
b. Other related topics.
a. HVDC Transmission.
b. Other related topics.
a. Three Phase Inverter.
b. Other related topics.
a. Problems of DC Motor Drives Operating from PhaseControlled Rectifier.
b. Other related topics.
a. Operation Principle Of SCR Cycloconverter.
b. Other related topics.
a. Turn-On Effects.
b. Other related topics.
a. Basic Type of Switching Power Supplies.
b. Other related topics.