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AI010 502
(Common to EI010 502, IC010 502)
Teaching scheme
Credits: 4
3 hours lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week
To give the fundamental concept of Power semiconductor devices
To get an adequate knowledge about converters and inverters.
To get an exposure in control circuits for power electronics
Module 1
Power semiconductor Devices-ratings and specification -Power diodes – power transistor
– power MOSFET - characteristics of SCR, Triac–IGBT – MCT – LASCR – SCR turn
on, turn off characteristics –– thyristor protection circuits – series and parallel operations
of SCR- Thyristor trigger circuits – R ,RL,RC triggering.
Module 2
AC to DC converters – single phase – three phase – half controlled and fully controlled
rectifiers – free wheeling diodes -free wheeling effect - effect of source and load
inductance – power factor improvement methods for phase controlled rectifiers- PWM
chips:SG3524 and TL 494- dual converters – cyclo converters.
Module 3
Inverters and voltage source inverters – series, parallel and bridge inverters – current
source inverters – PWM inverters – D.C. chopper – step up and step down chopper – AC
chopper: AC converters: – uninterrupted power supply (UPS) – ( circuit diagram
approach), rectifier –– inverter – static transfer switch.
DC to DC converters: choppers: SMPS, battery charger circuits
Module 4
D.C Motor control: phase control, Single phase SCR drive – Three phase SCR drive –
speed control of dc series motor – Chopper controlled dc drives – PLL control of dc
motor, A.C. Motor control : controlled – slip system – slip power recovery system stepper motor drive - synchronous motor control.
Module 5
Control circuits for power electronics: basic schemes for pulse generation using analog
and digital ICs. Single, double and four quadrant systems. Series and parallel operations
of thyristor, cable firing, isolation etc.
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