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Stem Cell Internet Activity
Answer the following questions using the website (linked from the class schedule page)
Use the Nature of Stem Cells to answer the following. You will need to click the closed caption
(CC) button if you do not have earbuds.
1. What is a stem cell?
2. What does a stem cell do once it receives the correct signal?
3. Describe the process of differentiation.
Use Reversing Cell Differentiation to answer the following.
4. How many genes need to be activated to dedifferentiate (turn differentiated into stem)
5. What happened with STAP cell research?
Use the Stem Cell Quick Reference Guide to answer the following.
6. How are embryonic stem cells isolated?
7. Give one example of a current use for somatic stem cells.
8. What does iPS stand for?
9. Give one reason iPS cells are advantageous to use for therapy over other stem cell
10. Why is therapeutic cloning so controversial?
At the very bottom of the page try to click and clone!
Use Go Go Stem Cells to answer the following.
11. What is a cell niche?
12. Give the niche for one of the activity examples.
Use Stem Cells in Use to answer the following.
13. What is leukemia?
14. What are PBSCs?
15. Why are umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants less prone to rejection?
Use Unlocking Stem Cell Potential to answer the following. You will need to click the closed
caption (CC) button if you do not have earbuds.
16. Give an example of an animal that can re-grow lost body parts.
17. Give an example of a drug that stimulates stem cells to differentiate.
18. Mice have been cured of what genetic disease using iPS cells?
Read the Stem Cell Debate: Is It Over? Give your opinion what should and should not be
allowed with current stem cell research.