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You’re a god!
You’re a goddess!
Classwork due Thursday, Dec. 9
Option 1
Directions: Imagine yourself as a god or goddess. Oh, sorry, I forgot that
you already are! Anyway, create a picture of yourself as a Greek god or
goddess. You may draw yourself, cut out magazine clippings or use the
computer to create yourself as a god or goddess. Think about what you are
the god or goddess of (for example, Athena is the goddess of wisdom). On
the bottom of your picture, write at least 2 sentences stating what you are the god or
goddess of, including what your powers are, and why you chose to make
yourself the god or goddess of that.
Option 2
Directions: Imagine that a Greek god or goddess is a modern day person.
Draw, use magazine clippings or use the computer to create your Greek god or goddess as
a modern day person. Think about what they are the god or goddess of and use that to
show what they would be like as a person today. On the back are a list of Greek gods and
goddesses. You are not limited to these, they are just suggestions. You may also use any
other characters from Greek mythology that may be mortals, titans,
nymphs, cyclops or creatures (for example, Achilles, Paris, Hector,
Odysseus, Cronos, Atlas, Daphne). Look online for lists of Greek
mythological characters if you want to find someone different to do.
On the bottom of your picture, write at least 2 sentences stating what
Greek being you chose with a brief description of them then and now.
Olympian Deities (Gods and Goddesses)
Greek name
Goddess of beauty and love.
God of the light, music, healing, prophecy, the sun, and poetry.
Ἀρης (Arēs)
God of war, primarily violent war and bloodshed.
Άρτεμις (Artemis) Artemis
Goddess of the hunt and the moon.
Ἀθηνά (Athēna)
Goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war.
Goddess of agriculture.
Ἡαδης (Hades)
God of the Dead and lord of the Underworld. Brother of Poseidon
and Zeus
Hephaestus God of fire and the forge.
Ἡρα (Hēra)
Goddess of marriage, family, motherhood and childbirth. Zeus'
jealous wife.
Ἡρμής (Hērmēs)
God of travel, thieves, and commerce. Messenger of the gods.
Ἑστία (Hestia)
Goddess of the hearth and domestic life. Eventually replaced by
God of the sea. Brother of Hades and Zeus and father of
King of the gods. God of air, thunder and lightning. Brother of
Poseidon and Hades. Destroyed his father who was a titan. Loves
women and cheats on Hera very much in mythology.
Ζεύς (Zeus)