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Nightingales Math Homework 1
LO: I can use a written method for multiplication
Please do all homework in your homework book.
Creative Thinking Activity
List six parts of the body that only have 3 letters.
Mathematical Activity
Complete the following listing the known fact, and the adjusted answer.
E.g. 20 x 3 – Known fact is 2 x3 = 6 Adjusted answer is 60 because 20 is 10 time bigger than 2.
a) 40 x 3
b) 6 x 50
c) 50 x 4
d) 80 x 2
e) 7 x 40
Use the written method to complete the following multiplication calculations
a) 20 x3
b) 72 x 2
c) 51 x 4
d) 24 x 3
e) 55 x7
Play the game Multiplication Choice with a member of your family. Who will win?!!!
Remember to use the grid method when playing the game.
Game – Players take turns to generate 4 digits, make a 2 digit and a 1 digit number and multiply them. They
plot their answer on a 0-1000 blank number line. First to get 4 numbers without opponents number in
between wins.
Challenge Activity
In your homework books, write as many calculations as you can think of, that equal 10.