Download Maple Leaf Rag - Bishop Ireton

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Identifying a song by the rhythm of its
melody means you recognize its______
Melodic rhythm
In class we listened to a symphony that had
a very simple melodic rhythm. Who wrote
this work?
Explain the difference between beat and rhythm.
Beat is the steady recurring pulse
Rhythm is the arrangement of notes around that steady pulse
A term that refers to the emphasis placed on a
sound or pitch in music.
Explain the feeling created by syncopation.
What causes this feeling?
Upset the steady beat
Accents occur on the weaker beats of the
Deliberate shift of accent away from the steady
Ragtime was popular in the United States
prior to what war?
What term designates groups or sets of beats
divided by vertical lines on the music staff?
Name the instruments used in the “Lali”
performed by the Bamileke people.
N’to, n’ket, rattles, rattles
What is a repeated musical figure called?
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov used
__________________ in “Procession of
the Nobles”
Mixed meter
How does the Blue Man Group
Take a very simple musical idea and make
it sound richly complex?
Driving subdivisions of
the musical beat
Since the first beat of a group is accented,
Hearing the accent helps the listener establish
the ________
What is a word to describe spontaneous
musical invention, common in jazz.
Why is coordination important for a musician?
Helps keep more than one
rhythm going at a time
The Bamileke people perform highly
rhythmic music to accompany their ______.
Warrior dance
What word means the deliberate shifts of the accent
So that it goes against the steady beat, conflicts with it,
And tries to upset the steady beat.
What is a melodic ostinato?
Repeated melodic figure
Who composed the Maple Leaf Rag
Scott Joplin
What is the function of meter in music?
Helps us organize the music in to
smaller groups that we can
organize into measures
What is meant by the term mixed meter?
Number of beats changes
within one composition
Describe rhythmic techniques used in
STOMP to create interest & variety.
Polyrhythm, syncopation, solo &
tutti, accent, ritardando,
accelerando, call & response,
dynamic changes, improvisation