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Thank you for your interest in the health education programs offered by The Upledger Institute. At your
request, a space has been reserved for you in our four day CranioSacral Therapy I workshop being held
in or near Chicago, IL on Thursday June 11, 2009 - Sunday June 14, 2009, at Holiday Inn Chicago Skokie in Skokie, IL.
This course will introduce you to the anatomy and physiology of the CranioSacral System through our
practical hands-on "learning by discovery" method. You will learn advanced palpatory skills, fascial and
soft tissue release techniques, and a concise 10-step protocol for evaluation and treatment of the entire
body via the CranioSacral System. To supplement class instruction you will receive a fully-illustrated,
comprehensive study guide.
To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from the workshop, please know the definition and/or
location of the enclosed anatomical terms before the start of the class. The majority can be found in
CranioSacral Therapy I, Clemente Anatomy: Atlas of Human Anatomy, and Netter Anatomy: Atlas of
Human Anatomy. In addition, Dr. Upledger recommends that you read Your Inner Physician and You and
the first six chapters of the textbook, CranioSacral Therapy. These references may be ordered by calling
us at 800 233-5880.
If you have never experienced CranioSacral Therapy for yourself, it is recommended, but not required,
that you have a session prior to class. This will help you gain valuable insights into how the technique
works and what its effects are on the body. To find a CranioSacral Therapy practitioner in your area, log
on to
Holiday Inn Chicago - Skokie
5300 West Touhy
Skokie, IL 60077
Phone: 847-679-8900
Group Rates: Single: $115 Double: $115
From O'Hare Airport on the 190 Expressway/I-90 (Kennedy Expressway): Take I-190 East to Chicago to
merge onto the 90. 2 miles down will be an exit for Harlem Avenue. Exit on Harlem and turn left at the
first street light, you will be heading north on Harlem for about 3 1/2 miles, turn right on Touhy Avenue
and the hotel will be 2 miles down on the left hand side.
Coming from the North on I-94: Take the Touhy Avenue W exit (39A) and the Holiday Inn is 3 blocks
West on the right hand side (right after the Petco).
Coming from the South on I-90/94: Take the 94 West to Milwaukee at the 90-94 split. When on 94 West,
exit off at Touhy Avenue W (39A) and the hotel is 3 to 4 blocks west on the right hand side (right after the
Coming from the South on I-294 (Tollway): Exit off Touhy Avenue E, it is about 7-8 miles east of the
expressway, the hotel will be on the left hand side.
Coming from the I-55 (Stevenson Expressway): Take the I-55 to the 90-94 Expressway W to Wisconsin
(Milwaukee) then take 94 (Edens Expressway) at the split to the Touhy Avenue and exit West on Touhy
(39A). The hotel will be about 3 to 4 blocks west on the right hand side (Right after the Petco).
Coming from the Midway Airport: Take Cicero North and get on I-55 North towards Chicago and follow
the above directions for coming from the I-55.
Parking is complimentary.
The hotel is 10 miles from O'Hare Airport and 23 miles from Midway Airport.
American Taxi 847/255-9614 from O'Hare $26.00 one-way, Midway $47.00 one-way and Loop $32.00
one-way. Go to baggage claim area and look for hotel/motel boards and see American Taxi.
Lodging should be secured by contacting the hotel directly, and we encourage you to ask for the
Upledger group rate.
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of class. A continental breakfast will be served until 9:00
a.m., at which time the workshop will begin. Subsequent class hours are 9:00 a.m. to approximately 5:30
p.m. daily, and the last day will meet from 8:00 a.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m. Class ending times are
approximate, and may run late based on class participation.
If you are a member and interested in receiving CEUs from the American Speech Hearing Association
(ASHA) for participation in this program, please contact our CEU coordinator at least 45 days in advance
for consideration. We do not register all CSI courses for ASHA CEUs - we only register the offerings for
which participants request ASHA CEUs at least 30 days in advance.
If you are a Chiropractor in the United States and interested in receiving CEUs from your state licensing
body, please contact our CEU coordinator immediately. Some states require as much as 120 days
advance notice for applications to be considered.
If you will be late for the workshop, please contact us immediately. In the event that this class is
waitlisted, a late arrival will jeopardize your place in the seminar. Attendance at this seminar indicates
your acceptance of our current policies, procedures and code of ethics. This information is available at, on-site at the seminar, or in advance by contacting us at 1-800-233-5880. We
recommend you bring a sweater or light jacket and wear loose, comfortable clothing. We look forward to
meeting you!
Due to the litigious society in which we live, the following disclaimer is provided on the advice of counsel.
Attendance at this course requires you to hold The Upledger Institute and its representatives not liable
and harmless from litigation for any injury, accident or undesirable effect that may occur at the meeting
site, from their equipment, and/or from other attendees.
This is to include, but is not limited to, faulty elevators, slippery stairs or walkways, falling light fixtures,
breaking chairs and/or collapsing tables. If you are more comfortable bringing your own equipment,
including a treatment table, you are welcomed and encouraged to do so. The Upledger Institute and its
representatives are also not liable for any injury, accident or undesirable effect that may occur due to any
equipment another party, such as a fellow participant, may bring in. This is to include, but is not limited
to, a treatment table that may be shared or be the cause of an accident or injury.
It is also agreed that The Upledger Institute and its representatives are held not liable for any
inappropriate behavior or actions by any persons encountered at the seminar. This is to include, but is
not limited to, hotel or meeting-site staff, other participants, teaching assistants and UI staff. If you
encounter any inappropriate behavior, please notify the instructor or facilitator immediately. If this is not
possible, please contact The Upledger Institute office directly.
You will be expected to attend and participate in entire class in order to receive a letter of attendance.
Registration Department
Educational Services Representative
Many of our workshops have products available for purchase. Please be aware we can only accept US
Anatomical Terms
Body Orientation
Superior (cephalad)
Inferior (caudad)
Anterior (ventral)
Posterior (dorsal)
Body Landmarks
Pubic Bone
Sternal notch
ASIS(anterior superior iliac spine)
Sacro-iliac joint
Vertebral Landmarks
Spinous processes
Transverse processes
Atlas (C1)
Posterior arch
Axis (C2)
C7/T1 (Thoraco cervical junction)
T12/L1 (Thoraco lumbar junction)
L5/S1 (Lumbo sacral junction)
Craniosacral System Anatomy
Arachnoid villae
Arachnoid granulation bodies
Spinal cord
Spinal nerves
Dura mater
Pia mater
Falx cerebri
Tentorium cerebelli
Autonomic nervous system
Sympathetic n.s.
Frontal bone
Sphenoid bone
Greater wings
Sphenoid body
Clinoid processes
Parietal bone
Temporal bone
Mastoid process
Zygomatic process
Petrous portion
EAM (external auditory meatus)
Cauda equina
Choroid plexuses
Cerebrospinal fluid
Spinal canal
Cranial nerves
Arachnoid membrane
Sub-arachnoid space
Falx cerebelli
Parasympathetic n.s.
Orbit-Jugular foramina
Basilar portion
Squamous portion
Sagittal suture
Temporo-parietal suture
Coronal suture
Lambdoidal suture
Occipital Mastoid (OM) suture
Temporalis muscle
Masseter muscle
Lateral pterygoid muscle