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Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana Libraries
Collection Development Policy for: Anthropology/Archaeology
Collection Specialist: Joseph M. White: [email protected]
Program/Faculty Liaison: Humanities Chair: John Cooney
[email protected]
Jane Howe
[email protected]
Suzanne Savage
[email protected]
Fund Name: Anthropology/Archaeology
Programmatic Information:
The course in Cultural Anthropology is offered at NMC, Lawrence, and Carmel.
The Introduction to Archaeology course is offered at NMC. Courses are part of
the General Education department and identified as CORE. Faculty consists of
two part time members. In fall 2007, anthropology courses enrolled 83 and
archaeology 8.
Location of Materials: NMC/FBC
Collection Development Guidelines:
Subjects covered:
ANH 154 Cultural Anthropology: Scientific study of human culture. Variations in
patterns of human behavior are holistically examined in their relationship to such
factors as biological evolution, socialization, kinship, economy, religion,
education, personality, art, music, dance, and cultural change.
ANH 254 Introduction to Archaeology: The scientific study of material artifacts of
human cultural remains. Provides insight into the earliest patterns of human
behavior and its subsequent evolution into more complex forms. Course
includes Archaeological methods and major findings of the archeological record
from selected culture areas.
Emphasis of collection size is small in relation to overall collection.
Types of Materials Collected or Excluded:
Books, reference works, videos, and DVDs are collected.
Selection Tools: Choice, Library Journal, and Core 100 listings in Baker and
Taylor Title Source 3
Date Prepared/Updated: 12 December 2007
By: Joseph M. White