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Introduction to Archaeology
Dr. Marco Meniketti
 About the course
 The syllabus,
 policies
 The text and supplemental readings
 About the Professor
 The assignments
 My faculty web page
Check for announcements, assignments and pdf format
readings under Updates for Anth 13
 What is Archaeology and why it is
important in the modern world.
SJSU students conducting fieldwork
in the West Indies
Archaeology as field of science
 Branch of Anthropology
 Related to history
 Roots in classical studies and
Who is an archaeologist?
The popular image.
Victorian period
Myths of our period.
The “truth”
Primary areas of activity/employment
 Academic
 Government
 CRM and Contract
Areas of study
 Prehistoric
 Historic (text-aided)
 Regional designations
Classical and Egyptology
Physical Anthropology
Considerable overlap within the specialties
Example: nautical archeology
SJSU students working
in the Caribbean.
Brief history of the field
Antiquarian interests
Age of Enlightenment
Thomas Jefferson
Treasure hunting
Relic collecting
Museum competition
Origins of scientific archaeology
 Europeans try to explain the people
of the “New World”
 Napoleon invades Egypt
 Discovery of Rosetta stone
 Europeans compete for ancient
 Heinrich Schliemann excavates at
 Evans excavates at Knossos
 Specific training
 College degree
 Areas of specialization
 Cross-over
 Specific ethical practices
 Professional organizations
 Laws governing practice
 Federal and State
New findings
 In maritime archaeology
 In Egypt
 In Mexico
Assignment: Identify each person, term, or
practice listed below. Who, what, when?
Any connections?
 Herodotus
 Rosetta Stone
 Heinrich
 V. Gordon Childe
 Sir Arthur Evans
 Thomas Jefferson
 Cyrus Thomas
 Three Age System
(as relates to technological
 Deductive vs
inductive reasoning
 The difference
hypothesis and