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P.O.Box 30965, 00100, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: 0254- 0725783994 (Mobile)
 Date of Birth: 8th August 1973
 Creative and able to work on own initiative and as part of a team;
 Good leadership, management, and team building skills;
 Excellent training/teaching skills in multicultural society and competent
research ability;
 Exemplary interdisciplinary skills;
 Have a passion for environmental conservation.
 Environmental Simulation modeling – Environmental risk/disaster
assessment, GCM downscaling model (SDSM), Production efficiency
Models, environmental perception, Net primary Productivity.
 Climate change adaptation project; adapting African Agriculture to climate
change- stakeholders’ workshops, public perception surveys, Geographic
information System (GIS) database development and information
management and communication. Example - CIP/GTZ project.
 Survey of preferred climate change mitigation and adaptation methods in
Central Kenya. – Example -JKUAT University PhD project publication
 Identification of environmental policy gaps – e.g. JKUAT University PhD
project; CIP/GTZ project; Wageningen University project
 Social survey methods, data collection, screening, statistical analysis and
publication of results e.g. Zhejiang University project and publications.
 IPCC Climate change scenarios – e.g. JKUAT University PhD project
 Environmental planning and conservation - e.g. JKUAT University teaching
 Training and supervision of enumerators; CBS-population census 1999
 Generation of user friendly thematic maps and data for web posting -e.g.
Adifrago consultants
 Stakeholders feedback survey and analysis – e.g. Faculty of Agriculture
 Climate change resilience building options -PhD dissertation work
 Interdisciplinary survey methodology- e.g. Land dynamics study Wageningen
 Environmental Management and Coordination Act 1999- registered Lead
expert EIA and EA with NEMA
 Worked as part of a team to design ecological residential space in urban and
rural areas; making them more livable.
 Work as part of the climate change adaptation team, that organized
stakeholders workshops in East Africa ( Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia)
Downscaling General Circulation model for Mount Kenya region 1961 to
 Organized national stakeholders survey for the faculty of Agriculture
 Supervision and advisor of many undergraduate research projects
 My vision is to work with other professionals to make the world a more
habitable place through sustainable environmental management strategies
guided by anticipatory research.
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultures and technology, Kenya.
2006 to Present: Tutorial Fellow
Duties: Research &Teaching; Applied Remote sensing and GIS, Landscape Planning,
Landscape modeling, environmental and ecological planning, Landscape plant
identification, Arboriculture, Ornamental sciences and Landscaping , Climate
Change modeling, adaptation, mitigation and resilience building
Adifrago consultants
2008 to present; Environmental consultant in areas Environmental Impact
Assessment, Environmental audit, Clean Development Mechanism, Carbon
sequestration quantification, ecosystem functions, remote sensing and GIS,
landscape planning and Conservation.
SGS Kenya Ltd
2009- Present. Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit
Zhejiang University P.R China.
2004- 2005: Tutorial fellow Zhejiang University P.R China.
Tutorial duties (teaching assistant); and landscape studio operations.
Iyale Academy
1999 – 2001: A High school teacher.
Teaching Biology, geography, and Agriculture.
Welsa consultant
1997: Research Assistant
Duties: proposal writing and evaluation
International Centre for Research in Agro forestry ICRAF
Duties: Data enumeration, organization, and preliminary analysis
Research work in Agro forestry practices for arid and semi arid zone. Semi
arid zone agroforestry technology training.
 Proposal and technical writing for funding –CTA training Kampala Uganda
 Interdisciplinary research methods – Wageningen University.
Remote sensing and GIS for resource Planning – Junniper/UNEP
Natural resources Mapping- RCMRD
Variety of courses including: Administration, Training/teaching of adults,
Team Leadership, Report Writing, training of facilitators, Education,
Landscape evaluation strategy, 3S technology application in landscape
development and management.
Computer Aided Design CAD landscape and garden design, Landscape
Studio management, Urban ecological planning using landscape plant
Survey methods for landscape evaluation, Statistical analysis using varied
software and systems including SAS system, Microcal Origin professional,
excel, Mstat, Mapinfo, ArcView, ArcGIS, Pathfinder office, Erdas.
Several years on hand experience with several computer applications, MSWord, MS-power point, MS-Excel …
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
2007 – 2011: PhD Landscape Planning and Conservation (dissertation submitted
waiting to defend)
Dissertation: Evaluation of landscape resilience to climate change building
options case of Mount Kenya ecosystem
Zhejiang University P.R China.
September2002- July 2005:MSc. Landscape Plants and Ornamental Horticulture
Major: Landscape functions assessment/ evaluation and Green space planning
Thesis: Evaluation of a proposed landscape photograph simulation method, urban
green space functions and landscape plant spectral features.
Egerton University Njoro, Kenya.
February1992- December1996: BSc Horticulture
St. Mary’s School Yala, Kenya.
January 1987- November1990: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE),
1. Adimo A.O., Njoroge J.B. & Wamocho L.S (2010). Ecosystem Net primary
Productivity response to climate variability and change in Mt Kenya.
2. Adimo A.O., Claessens L.., Njoroge J.B. & Wamocho L.S (2010). Land
users’ vulnerability perception as a key to sustainable climate change
adaptation policy strategies: The case of Central Kenya. Journal of Climate
and Development
3. Chen Bo, Adimo A. Ochieng and Bao Zhiyi (2009). Assessing Aesthetic
Quality and Multiple Functions of Urban Green Space from User Perspective;
Hang Zhou flower garden, Hang Zhou city P.R China. Landscape and Urban
4. Adimo A. Ochieng (2005). Evaluation of a proposed landscape photograph
simulation method, urban green space functions and landscape plant spectral
features. Master of Science thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the
requirements of Horticulture department, Zhejiang University, Huajiachi
campus, P.R China.
Football, physical fitness, environmental conservation and management.
1. Dr. Lieven Cleassens PhD.
International Potato Centre (CIP),
Sub-saharan Africa Regional Office,
Natural resource management Division,
P.O.Box 25171, Nairobi.
Tel. +254-0725284943 (Mobile)
2. Dr. John Bosco Njoroge PhD.
Department of horticulture,
Jomo kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
P.O.Box 62000, 00200, Nairobi ,Kenya
Tel. +254-0722451892(Mobile)
3. Mr. Philip O. Abuor
Environmental Sevices Manager
SGS Kenya Limited
Tel. +254-0722410369(Mobile)