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Name: ______________________________
Donald Johanson
Nationality: American
Dates: 1943 – Present
Main Work:
Lucy (1974)
Charles Darwin
Details: Lucy is the
fossil of a female
discovered in
Ethiopia, Africa.
40% of her body
was found which
suggested she had
walked upright but
had curved fingers
which suggests
she lived in trees.
Main Work:
Published his work
called the Origin of
Species in 1859
which introduced
the world to his
theory of
Believed that
originated in
Darwin’s Theory: Natural selection is
the process by which organisms
change over time as a result of
changes in heritable physical or
behavioural traits
Nationality: English
Dates: 1809-1882
Name: ______________________________
Nationality: British
Dates: 1934- Present
Main Work: 55-year
study on chimpanzees’
social and familial
interactions in Gombe,
Jane Goodall
Details/ Findings:
She found that
gorillas have
personalities and
emotions as
humans do
Today: She
remains an
activist for
animal rights
and works for
the Leakey
Nationality: Australian
Dates: 1893-1988
Killer Ape Theory: war
and aggression are a
driving force behind
evolution and what
differs humans from
other primates
Raymond Dart
Main Work: One of
the first to discover
a human skull (of a
child) in Africa called
the Taung Child.
Details: We
know that the
Taung Child is
the skull of a
human and
not an ape
because of the
dimensions of
the brain being
Name: ______________________________
The Leakeys (Louis, Mary and Richard)
Nationality: British
Dates: Mary- 1913-1996
Louis- 1903-1972
Richard- 1944- Present
Selected Jane Goodall to work
for them
Main Work: Mary and
Louis established a
program of
paleoanthropology in
Africa to study human
origins: The Leakey
Discoveries: Mary discovered
the Laetoli footprints in
Tanzania which are footprints
preserved in volcanic ash that
provided evidence for the
theory that a certain primate
walked on two limbs instead of
Mary discovered 15
new species of animals
throughout her career
Today: Richard
continued his parents’
studies in Kenya
leading teams of
in discovering other
Made stone tool discoveries
 Hominid: A primate of a family that includes humans and their ancestors including great
 Paleoanthropologist: a branch of anthropology dealing with fossils of hominids
[paleontology + anthropology]
 Naturalist: someone who studies natural history including wildlife
 Primatologist: the study of fossilized and living primates
 Anatomist: Study the form and function of human anatomy