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Math and Music Project
By Kelly Evans
For Professor Alonso
What do you see?
Math as an Abstract Image
 Musical Form
 Relationship of Math and Music
Note Value and Placement
Each note has a
mathematical value in
relation to all other
 Dotted notes are
equal to the note plus
one half.
Frequency and Pitch
Different spaces on
the staff represent
different pitches.
 Pitch is the vibration
you hear.
 The faster the
vibration, the higher
the pitch.
C = 261.63
 D = 293.66
 E = 329.63
 F = 349.23
 G = 392.00
 A = 440.00
 B = 493.88
Some pitches
When Frequencies are an octave apart, the
higher note is exactly double that of the lower
 55 is the lowest A note on a piano, 440 is just
below middle C on a piano.
The Basics
The two numbers
found at the
beginning of a
musical piece are
called a time
 Meter and Pulse
The Fugue
Fugue as reformed and reproduced melody
 Time Translation
 Frequency Translation
 Inversion and Retrograde motion