Download Natural Selection Story Book or Comic Strip

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Natural Selection Story Book or Comic Strip
Extra Credit – up to 10 pts max
 Choose a population of organisms (real or fictional)
 Describe the genetic diversity of the population
 Pick a type of natural selection
 Develop a story that describes how natural selection is acting on the
 Proper title page or cover
 Minimum of 15 pages (including title and glossary)
 Glossary must contain minimum of 10 evolutionary definitions (words
highlighted in the story)
 Text must be typed
 Illustrations must be original – hand-drawn and colorful
 Natural selection graph should be included that properly aligns with the
Grading checklist:
1 pt
1 pt
Cover- illustration, title and your name
Vocabulary and glossary – terms highlighted and proper definitions in
1 pt Colorful artwork
2 pts Story properly aligns type of selection with supporting details
2 pts Graph is accurate
3 pts Originality or creativity
Total Max = 10 points Extra Credit