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The Digestive System Graphic Organizer
Why Am I Hungry?
Functions of the Digestive System:
1.Breakdown food into ___________________ that
the body can use
2.Absorb nutrients necessary for ______________,
growth and __________________
3.Rid the body of ____________ wastes
Functions of Nutrients
You need food to provide _______________for your body.
Food contains Nutrients that are important substances that
enable you to move, grow, and maintain homeostasis.
Examples of Nutrients:
Digestion: What happens my lunch?
Movement of Food through the Digestive System:
Food is moved in wavelike contractions called
________________Glands can be found throughout
the entire system to keep food moist.
Mouth : Teeth break food down via mechanical digestion
Saliva _______________ food and begins chemical
Esophagus: Muscle contractions of __________________
move solid food from the throat to the stomach in about
eight seconds. Liquids take about two seconds!
Before you can use nutrients, food most be broken
down into _____________ substances.
Digestion is the process of _______________
________________ food into usable materials.
Types of Digestion
Occurs in __________________
Liver: Largest Internal Organ. Filters blood. Produces Bile which
breaks down fat
Gallbladder: Stores bile to be sent to the small intestine.
Pancreas :Produces digestive juices that help break down food
in small intestine.
Stomach: Strong muscles in the stomach_____________ and mash food. Stomach acid __________________ down food.
Small Intestine: Partially digested food moves from ________________. Uses digestive juices from pancreas, liver, and
gallbladder to breakdown nutrients. Tiny folds called villi that absorb nutrients.
Large Intestine: Water and other nutrients are absorbed. Tightly packs waste and sends it to the rectum for ________________