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LG # 8 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Mountains Building Board Builder
LG # 8: I can connect major geological events to the movement of the tectonic plates.
Video Segments
Mountain Building
1) How were the Himalayas formed?
2) What occurs at a subduction zone? Draw it!!
1) What is the ring of fire?
2) Why do volcanoes only occur in certain areas?
Plate Tectonics: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
1) What causes the tectonic plates to move?
2) What happens at a mid-ocean ridge? A drawing would be awesome!
Plate Tectonics in Action
1) What is a plate boundary?
2) What tends to occur along plate boundaries?
3) Draw a sketch to represent the movement at each plate boundary.
Shifting Plates
Just watch! Great review of new and old info! Add any notes you wish below.
Exploration Findings
(Could be used as level 4 information)
Earthquakes and Earth’s Core
How it Shakes Out
Make Volcanoes Erupt!