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GRADE 7 SCIENCE CURRICULUM (Bridgeport Diocese curriculum maps)
(Please visit our class website at and click on teachers and science)
1. Life Science: Diversity of Life
1. From molecules to Organisms
*Diversity of Life
*How are Living Things alike and different?
*Classification of Life
*Viruses, Bacteria, Protists and Fungi
*How do animal move, get and use energy? Producers and consumers.
*Animal and plant reproduction.
*Plants use energy and light to make food.
2. Physical Science: Force, Motion, Energy
1 Work and Mechanics
*Explain the relationship between force, distance, and work and use the relationship (W=FxD)
to calculate work done in lifting heavy objects.
*Explain how simple machines, such as inclined planes, pulleys, and levers are used to create
mechanical advantage.
*Describe how different types of stored (potential) energy can be used to make objects move.
*Conduct simple experiments that demonstrate how forces work in pairs (push/pull) to change
the motion of an object.
*Calculate work done on objects as force and distance vary.
*Design and create a working compound machine from several simple machines.
2. Energy and Power
*Explain the relationship among voltage, current and resistance in a simple series circuit.
*Explain how electricity is used to produce heat and light in incandescent bulbs and heating
*Discuss different forms of energy and describe how they can be converted from one form to
another for use by humans (e.g. thermal, electrical, light, chemical and mechanical).
3. Electrical Force and Magnetism
*Describe the relationship between current and magnetism.
Life Science: Cell Structure, Human Body Systems
1. Cell: Structure and Function
*All living things are made of cells.
*State the parts and function of the cell.
*Genetic information passes from parents to offspring.
*DNA forms the genetic code and copies itself
*How are Human genetic disorders inherited, traced, diagnosed and treated
*Living things change over time.
*Explain how the body is a system of multiple interacting systems.
Textbook Pearson Interactive Science (various)
Online -
Grading Homework = 10%
Participation and Classwork = 10%
Labs and Quizzes = 30%
Tests = 50%