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By Miguel Valencia
Why Genetic Engineering?
Genetic engineering has been a marvel in
terms of helping out humans such as in
agriculture and gene therapy.
 The problem however is that we are getting
too far ahead of ourselves without exploring
the possible consequences.
 Take for example the movie “I Am Legend”
Pros of Genetic Engineering
It has allowed for the development of
stronger and more disease resistant
 It can increase the genetic diversity of
some specific species population.
 It can reduce the vulnerability of some
diseases making it easier to deal with
Issues with Genetic Engineering
There is the ethical issue of whether or
not messing with a certain organism’s
genes is borderline with playing God.
 Genetically modifying organisms can
inadvertently lead to stronger viruses
and diseases.
 Genetic engineering is tested on
animals, some of which is argued to be
Final Thoughts
Although we as humans like to marvel at
our own understanding of the world, it
does present itself with problems.
 I believe that genetic engineering has
delivered many breakthroughs in the
fields of agriculture and biology.
 The risks however are really great and
as such I worry that we need to take
more precautionary measures.