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Micro Power Systems™
Bi-Directional Inverters
For 120-240VAC and 600VAC class grid connected energy
storage applications, Dynapower Company offers its Micro
Power Systems™ (MPS) family of utility grade inverters.
Dynapower’s MPS products can be configured in single
phase, split phase and three phase systems. The MPS
provides power conditioning (voltage and frequency
support), VAR support, and Standby UPS capabilities.
MPS systems offer multiport configurations with Solar,
Fuelcell and Battery inputs. Systems are available in
indoor and outdoor configurations.
The MPS integrates controls and a full complement of
switchgear and protection including an AC circuit breaker,
AC contactors, AC & DC Fusing, DC load break contactors,
and DC manual isolation switch into a single utility
grade enclosure.
The MPS integrates the bi-directional inverter module, controls and a full complement of switchgear and protection
including an AC circuit breaker, AC contactor, AC & DC Fusing,
DC load break contactor, and DC manual isolation switch
into a single utility grade enclosure.
In the Grid-Tied mode, the MPS controls the AC output
real power (P) and reactive power (Q).
In Stand-Alone mode, the MPS controls the
AC output voltage (U) and frequency (F).
The system can be started in either mode
and the transfer between modes is done
dynamically. The transition between operating
modes is automatic upon loss and the return
of grid. When transitioning to an islanded
mode, the AC voltage shall be stable in less
than 2 cycles. For islanded to Grid-tied
operation, transfer will be complete in less
than one cycle. Advanced control schemes
for multi-unit and micro-grid applications
are available.
Micro Power Systems™
AC Voltage:
DC Voltage:
120 VAC – 600 VAC
Features: > 97%
400 VDC – 600 VDC (other ranges available)
25 kVA – 100 kVA
UL 1741, IEEE 1547, & IEEE 519
VPI Isolation Transformer (optional)
Convection & Forced Air-Cooled Inverter Modules and Filters
• Four Quadrant Operation (Real and Reactive Power)
• Remote Operation
• Zero Voltage Ride Through
• Anti-Islanding Protection
• Sub-cycle System Response
Micro Power Systems™ · Bi-Directional Inverters
Dynapower’s state of the art control and monitoring platform
includes a communication link providing autonomous operator
control via Ethernet, RS232, or RS 485. Local control of the system
is available as an option.
The MPS provides full system status information including AC
output real & reactive power, AC output voltage & frequency and
DC battery voltage and DC current readings to the remote operator
through feedback signals or through the communication link (via
an RTU or PLC). The MPS has an on-board monitoring system with
error history and grid fault data capture.
The standard cooling system utilizes natural convection for cooling
IGBT heat sinks. In optional forced air-cooled supplies, cooling of
the enclosure is accomplished using temperature-controlled fans
with air intake via louvers at the base of each door and customer
specified side or top exhaust.
85 Meadowland Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403
Visit our website for
more information.