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Sangeeta Bhatia
2646, E 6TH Street, Apt 5, Tulsa, OK 74104.
[email protected]
(M) +1 918-949-7004.
An accomplished software engineer with a solid background in web technologies, making a transition to
the field of Applied Mathematics. Seeking an entry level job that allows me to leverage my knowledge
of mathematics and computer science.
Unique mix of strong background in theoretical and applied computer science as well as pure
and applied mathematics.
Analytical skills, sharpened through 5 years of problem-solving in high-pressure situations.
Capability to quickly learn new skills required to perform the task at hand.
Drive to excel. “..there's nothing of any importance in life—except how well you do your work.”this line from ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is my mantra.
Operating Systems
Database management systems
Mathematical Packages
Weblogic Server 7, 8.1, 9.2, SunOne Web server 6.
Solaris 8, Red hat Linux.
Shell, WLST.
Oracle 9.
Java, J2EE, HTML, XML,Python.
Mathematica, R, Octave,MATLAB,JUNG.
Pursuing Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at University of Tulsa,Oklahoma.
Graduation in May 2011. Completed three semesters with GPA 4.0/4.0
Masters of Science in Software Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology,Pilani,India.
Graduated in December 2007.
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Fergusson College, University of Pune, India.
Graduated in April 2003.
ACADEMIC PROJECTS (University of Tulsa, Oklahoma)
November 2009: Using fractals to model naturally occurring shapes such as clouds and leaves.
Implemented in Mathematica.
January 2010-April 2010: p-median problem using Genetic Algorithms. Implemented in Python.
Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bangalore, India. June 2010-August 2010.
CAIR is a laboratory of the Defense Research & Development Organization, India.
During the 10 week internship, I worked on the “Graph Partitioning Problem” using probabilistic
heuristics (Simulated annealing). The implementation was done in JAVA. Results obtained were
comparable with those obtained by libraries available for GPP (Graph partitioning problem).
I am currently involved in a long-distance collaboration with the AI&NN team at CAIR for the same work.
Tech Mahindra Limited, UK
September 2007-October 2008
Role: Senior Technical Support Analyst for BT Global Services online post-sales portal is a post-sales portal for BT Global services. This portal was a three-tier J2EE
system built on Oracle Weblogic servers and ALUI.
In this project I was part of the on-shore (based in UK) Application support team. I was responsible for
handling technical problems raised against the application with very stringent response and resolution
times. I was also responsible for client interaction.
Tech Mahindra Limited, India
January 2004-September 2007
Role: Technical Support Analyst for British Telecom’s online sales and post-sales portal is the primary online channel for British Telecommunications Plc., which is the leading
telecommunications provider in the UK. It is a highly modular multi-tier web portal, interfacing with as
many as 300 different systems.
In this project I was a key member of the technical support team. This involved setting up and
maintaining the software environment and the application. I was also responsible for testing
supportability and maintainability of the applications launched on the site.
Awarded Teaching Assistantship by the University of Tulsa.
Participated in the ‘Advanced Instructional School in Group Theory’ organized by the National
Board for Higher Mathematics at IIT, Mumbai in May 2010.
Participated in the ‘Mathematics Training and Talent Search Program’ in 2002 at IIT, Mumbai.
Attended the following courses through Distance learning programs at IIT Mumbai:
QoS in networks
Mobile Computing