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Mathematics in Marketing:
Overview & Issues
Marco Vriens, PhD
Global Chief Research Officer
Mathematics and related sub-disciplines such as statistics and data mining have become
increasingly important in business, especially in marketing. This is partially due to the
incredible explosion in available data, making quantification of more business dynamics
areas feasible. In this presentation I will outline what I see as the main application areas
of mathematics. Specifically I will cover optimization, experimentation, regression,
and (dual) scaling. I will indicate the huge opportunities there are both in terms of
academics research but also the tremendous career potential math professionals can
have in marketing and business and what it takes in this area to be successful. I hope
my presentation will starts a good discussion with potentially one or two areas where
people might want to collaborate on a research project/paper.
Tuesday, March 10th
Time: 3:30-4:30pm
All Welcome to Attend
Cowley Hall 156