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Out with
Maths in the
St.Joseph’s PS
PS/St.Mary’s PS
How has Mathematics
changed in the classroom?
Today pupils in school are given more
opportunities to:
 use practical materials
 play mathematical games
 talk about their work
 work out answers in their heads
 find different ways of solving
problems and puzzles…
 use computers, eg to draw graphs,
useful websites etc
At Home with
We can use it every day without
realising. Eg. We use Mathematics
• We go shopping.
• Handling money/Managing budgets.
• In the kitchen.
• In the garden or park.
• Playing “Fun” Mathematical games.
How can you help?
• don’t tell your child that you find
Mathematics very difficult
• encourage your child to “have a go”
• encourage your child to talk about how
he/she works things out
• don’t give the answer right away,
discuss problem with child
• talk to the teacher about how else you
can help at home
• praise and encourage your child