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Warm-up #13
• How is Islam different than Christianity?
▫ Hint: What do they think about jesus?
Today’s Goals
• Understand the basic tenets of Islam.
• Practice reading primary documents.
• Learn how the Koran and Hadith impact the
daily life of a Muslim.
H.S. 3 Explain the historical development
and impact of major world religions and
Pg. 18
• Second Largest Religion in the World
• 1.3 Billion
▫ Followers called Muslims
• 622 AD
• In Saudi Arabia (Medina)
• Founder: Mohammed
Basic Beliefs
• People have good and bad tendencies
• Salvation through:
▫ Right Belief
▫ Good Deeds
▫ Following 5 Pillars
• Name of God:
Islam Basics
Holy Book: Quran
House of Worship: Mosque
Clergy: Imam
View of Jesus: Not divine
View of Church and State: Integrated
5 Pillars of Faith
• Basic rules of Muslim
• Found in Koran
Shahada – Profession of Faith
• Say once in life
• No God but Allah
• Muhammad is his prophet
Salat – Daily Worship
• Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca
• Muezzin calls
• Prayer rug
Zakat - Almsgiving
• Give money to less fortunate
• 2.5% of income
Seyam - Fasting
• No eating from sunrise to sunset during month
of Ramadan.
Hajj - Pilgrimage
• The Mecca
• 1 time in life if able
Jihad - Struggle
• Some recognize as 6th pillar
• Means to overcome challenges
• Rarely used to justify conquest/war
Hypothetical Situation A
• Ali, a Muslim, attends a barbeque at Joe’s house.
Joe’s dad asks Ali how many pieces of BBQ’ed
pork he would like? According to the
translations of the Quran and Hadith listed
below, how do you think Ali would respond?
Quran Excerpts
“It is He who subdued the seas,
from which you eat fresh
fish.”(Quran 16:l4)
Forbidden to you (for food) are:
dead meat, blood, the flesh of
swine, and that on which hath
been invoked a name other than
that of Allah. [Al-Qur’an 5:3]
“He created cattle that give
you warmth, benefits and food
to eat.” (Quran l6:5)
“It is He who sends down
water from the sky with which
He brings up corn, olives,
dates and grapes and other
fruit.” (Quran 16:11)
pg. 88-95 (green book)
• With you partner
▫ Read the Situation
▫ Read excerpts from the Qumran
▫ Write down how they should respond
Dialogue Situations pg. 71
• Act out the situation.
• Act out the solution .
• Share the verses that support your solution as
well as other guidelines provided in the Qu’ran
and Hadith that apply to that concept.