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Requirements Specification RBC Storage Area Network
Requirements Specification Storage Area Network
Storage As A Service
Appendix 3 details the current logical diagram of the
Rossendale Borough Council (RBC) production and
disaster recovery Storage Area Network (SAN).
The quotation covers the replacement of ONLY the RBC
production SAN, this is detailed on the diagram
Rossendale Borough Council. Please detail how your
proposed solution will interface with the RBC disaster
recovery solution.
Please confirm the rack sizes for your proposed solution.
The RBC production SAN in sited in the Node4 Wakefield
Tier 3 Data Centre. Appendix 1 details the cost matrix;
please specify how you will implement in the existing RBC
Please can you provide the OEM hardware and software
maintenance for the SAN based on the following;
Option1 24 x7x365 4hr replacement.
Option2 NBD replacement.
Please detail the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th line of technical
Following the logging of support calls the following
response times are required:
Priority 1 & 2 faults within 30 minutes
Priority 3 within 1 hours
Priority 4 within 2 hours
Following the logging of support calls the following
resolution times are required:
 Priority 1 & 2 within 5 hours
 Priority 3 within 24 hours
 Priority 4 within 72 hours
Detail the break and fix timescales for any hardware
component that fails.
If the service is hosted or delivered via cloud or SaaS
(Storage as a Service) it must support the following service
Expedited Forwarding (EF) see above.
If a hosted solution is provided RBC may want to use the
network for other business requirements. Can you confirm
the hosted network will support the following service
Best – effort (BE). This will be used for traffic that is
web browsing, email, FTP.
Assured forwarding – High Drop Precedence (AF-
Supplier Response
Requirements Specification RBC Storage Area Network
HDP). This is used for business critical applications
such as databases and provides guaranteed
bandwidth. AF HDP traffic will be prioritised over
BE traffic.
Assured forwarding – Low Drop Precedence (AFLDP). This is the highest class for data applications
and is used for financial transactions. AFL traffic
will be prioritised over AF HDP traffic.
If the service is SaaS or delivered via cloud must support
static routes and RIPv2 BGP and OSPF routing protocols.
Both options require 24*7*365 technical helpdesk and
onsite engineer support. Covering activities such as
manual reboots to any devices or typing in specific
commands in order to deal with any priority 1 issues where
the Telephony is down. This support will include the
continuous monitoring of all network communications
infrastructure including SIPS, carrier circuits, Internet
provision, ISDN’s, switches, routers, firewalls, VPN’s,
virtual cloud etc.
The production storage is available on a continuous basis
to allow for regular replication of data from the RBC
production filers. This allows the DrasS to recover
replicated data to the primary storage should RBC request
this. No tape backup is used. Please specify how your
product achieves this.
Can you please specify the cost of the following;
Option 1
 24x7x365 full management of SAN, any VM’s
applicable for managing the SAN, onTap upgrades,
Snap Drive upgrades, any associated Software Snap
manager products, any applicable VMKD storage on
VMware, resizing volume LUN Qtree quotas and
Option 2
 Full technical support P1 and P2 escalation
management and resolution
Please detail how you will provide effective change,
configuration and release management. A detailed
process has to be in place.
An Internet based portal or website must be provided to
the supplier’s service desk.
This must include reporting tools for incident management,
change management and performance reports.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud, the supplier will repair or
replace, at their cost, any faulty software and hardware
components. This includes failures in power and HVAC
infrastructure including but not limited to UPS, PDU and
cabling. This will be provided for all of the cloud and
Requirements Specification RBC Storage Area Network
associated connections.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud based the service will
be available 100% of the time and in the event of failure
of a Non Redundant Network Device which causes
unavailability of the RBC configuration, the supplier will
guarantee it will be repaired or replaced within 1 hour of
the identification of the problem.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud, RBC require the window
for any scheduled maintenance must be agreed be agreed
in advance and RBC will be notified a minimum of 72
hours in advance of the planned start time of a scheduled
maintenance event.
Notification of scheduled maintenance will take place via
email, support ticket, or phone call to the RBC
representative, or a combination of the above depending
upon the nature of the issue.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud, there must be a
minimum of an N+1 Generator Back up to be able to
deal with mains power cuts. In the event of a power cut
the generator should automatically go into operation so
that 100% availability of the application is guaranteed.
The generator needs to be tested for failover regularly.
All of the generator servicing, maintenance and fuel
costs should be free of charge to RBC and paid by the
If the service is SaaS or Cloud the vendor will be
responsible for all the maintenance costs associated
with the WAN, SIP, ISDN and any network device.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud the vendor will be
responsible for all the insurance and public liability costs
associated with the respective WAN, SIP, ISDN and any
network device.
If the service is on premise, the vendor will be required
to perform the complete set up of any on premise
A build plan, configuration list and testing plan including
timescales will be required.
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Management
Please indicate how the solution will integrate with the
existing model as shown in Appendix 3. Please note
RBC use the Snap Mirror product to replicate the Filers.
Outline the options available, proposed solution and
Requirements Specification RBC Storage Area Network
Please provide at least two references from customers
including name, address, email and telephone number.
Also detail all certifications that the organisation holds
for example any ISO’s etc.
If the service is SaaS or Cloud, we require the following service levels.
SLA for MPLS IP Layer 3 WAN
Transit Delay
Delivery Ratio
8ms (1 way)
Quality of Service Monitoring
Traffic Classification
Interface or VLAN – L2 or L3VPN
Traffic Marking
MPLS Experimental (EXP)
Congestion Management
Low Latency queuing - L3VPN
Class based weighting queuing – L3VPN
Congestion Avoidance
Weighted Random Early detection (WRED) – L3VPN
Traffic conditioning
Shaping and Policing
Service Availability
99.9% service availability per month for each MPLS IP Layer 3
Total monthly WAN outages in minutes
Service Credits payable to Rossendale in the
event of WAN not achieving the designated
service availability %
Percentage of monthly recurring charge
Up to and including 40 minutes
Requirements Specification RBC Storage Area Network
Over 40 minutes up to and including 240
Over 240 minutes up to and including 480
Over 480 minutes