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Transporting Materials
All living things obtain essential
materials from env. In order to live.
Complex animals have circ. Systems to…
transport O2, CO2, food &
hormones to & from cells of body
maintain body temp.
help fight disease
Blood: A Liquid
Only liquid tissue
PLASMA – material making
blood a liquid
rbc – responsible for carrying O2
throughout body.
- carry CO2 away.
HEMOGLOBIN – Protein that gives blood red
- Helps rbc carry O2
ANEMIA – Condition of O2 shortage in blood.
wbc – “Mobile Army” – defends
body from bacteria, viruses,
other foreign cells.
MACROPHAGE – scavenge worn
out or dead cells
 Follow chemical trail to infections, etc.
Find infection by counting wbc
PLATELETS – essential for clotting(p.653)
Carry blood from heart to
organs and back to heart.
Flexible walls…Why?
ARTERIES – Carry blood away from heart
- O2 rich blood
- Elastic & muscular walls
VEINS – Return blood to heart
- O2 poor blood
- Thin & slightly elastic
CAPILLARIES – Walls = one cell (Diffusion)
- O2 & Nutrients out.
• CO2 & Waste in.
Blood Types
Determined by presence
or absence of specific
marker proteins on
surface of rbc.
A, B, AB, O
(add table 31-1 to your notes)
Excess fluids &
proteins in body
returned to blood.