Download Blood Flow through the Human Heart Companion Sheet

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Blood Flow through the Human Heart Companion Sheet
Directions: As you navigate through the slides, you may press the “PLAY” button to hear the
audio that accompanies the text.
1. The heart is referred to as what of the circulatory system?
a. .
2. Is the left side of the heart DIRECTLY connected to the right side of the heart?
a. .
3. Into which side of the heart does OXYGENATED blood enter?
a. .
4. What is unusual about the
pulmonary veins?
a. .
5. What type of blood do the
other veins in the body
a. .
6. Fill in the diagram to the
7. What valve is responsible for
preventing the backflow of
blood into the left atrium?
a. .
8. What kind of blood do
arteries carry?
a. .
9. What are the names of the
veins that collect blood from the systemic circulation?
a. .
b. .
10. The superior vena cava drains the ___________ body.
11. The inferior vena cava drains the ______________ body.
12. Into which atrium is deoxygenated blood dumped into?
a. .