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The Empire Approaches
End of the Republic
The Gracchi
Tiberius Gracchus:
Tribune 133 BC
Passes a land reform without
consulting the senate. Tries to
distribute the Riches of
Pergamum - Clubbed to death.
Gaius Gracchus:
Tribune 123 BC
Passes a law (directly by
assembly), that the jury-courts will
be run by the equites -3,000 of his
followers are arrested and
executed - he commits suicide.
sons of Cornelia ( a Scipio),
they attempted to
distribute land to the poor
Gaius Marius
175 BC - 86 BC
Elected Consul 7
Reforms the
Army: creates
‘middle class’
138 BC-38 BC
First Dictator since the
2nd Punic War
The Italian (Social) War 91 -88 BC
Sulla fights under Marius as Praetor
Revolt by the Latins, Sabines, and other noncitizens (expelled from Rome in 95)
Drusus the Tribune is assassinated (friend of the
Marian reforms of the Army and the reforms of the
Gracchi further distance the Senate from the People
Civil War
King Mithridates of Pontus invades Greece in 88 BC
Marius bribes the tribunes to acquire command of the
legions at Nola
Sulla appeals directly to the Army who accept him
Sulla then marches on Rome!
Marius defends with an army of gladiators - and loses
Seventh Consulship of Marius
Sulla is in Athens
Marius returns from exile (Carthage)
Marches on Rome - executes followers of Sulla
Reign of terror
Dies in 86 - just 17 days into his consulship
Dictatorship of Sulla
Sulla returns with his army and captures Rome after
a bloody fight
Sulla appointed dictator indefinitely
Sulla initiates ‘proscription’
Reforms the laws - including a law against taking a
Roman army from a foreign province without the
permission of the senate (ironically).
72 BC
Slave Uprising (Gladiators)
Army of 70,000
Marcus Crassus puts down the revolt
Pompey returns from Spain to mop up.
Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
106 BC- 48 BC
Consul with Crassus70 BC
Given imperium in 67 BC to
deal with pirates
Defeats Mithridates in
Friend of the Optimates
Catiline Conspiracy
63 BC
Cicero (Consul for 63 - a ‘novus homo’ denounces Catiline in
the senate: Catiline is arrested and killed —- Julius Caesar
was a conspirator as well…
Gaius Julius Caesar
Deep in Debt
Governor of Spain
Cannot run for Consul
Forms ‘Triumvirate’
The First Triumvirate 59 BC
what they tax breaks
in Asia
consul in
land grants
consul in
of ‘59
5 year
5 year
53 BC: Trouble with the Triumvirate
Crassus killed in Carrhae and stars in a Parthian production
of ‘the Bacchae’ posthumously as the head of Pentheus.
Julia dies (actually in ’52)
rioting in Rome between supporters of Pompey and Caesar
Pompey is elected consul - senate accuses Caesar of crimes
Caesar is recalled - WITHOUT his army. He will almost
certainly be arrested and executed.