Download 03 Additional Ohm`s Law Practice Electric eels, found in South

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03 Additional Ohm’s Law Practice
1. Electric eels, found in South America, can provide a potential difference of 440 V that draws a
current of 0.80 A through the eel’s prey. Calculate the resistance of the circuit (the eel and
2. It is claimed that a certain camcorder battery can provide a potential difference of 9.60 V and a
current of 1.50 A. What is the resistance through which the battery must be discharged?
3. A prototype electric car is powered by a 312 V battery pack. What is the resistance of the motor
circuit when 280,000 C passes through the circuit in 1.00 hour?
4. In 1992, engineers built a 2.5 mm long electric motor that can be driven by a very low emf.
What is the potential difference if it draws a 3.8A current through a .64 Ω resistor?
5. A team from Texas A&M University has built an electric sports car with a maximum motor
current of 2,400 A. Determine the potential difference that provides this current if the circuit
resistance is .30 Ω.
6. Stanford University scientists have constructed the Orbiting Picosatellite Automated Launcher
(OPAL). OPAL can launch disposable “picosatellites” the size of hockey pucks. Each picosatellite
will be powered by a 3.0 V battery for about an hour. If the satellite’s circuitry were to have a
resistance of 16 Ω, what current would be drawn by the satellite?
7. A flying source of light is being developed that will consist of a lamp lifted by a helium filled
balloon. The maximum power rating for the lamp available for the device is 12 kW. If the
lamp’s resistance is 250 Ω, what is the current in the lamp?
8. The first American hybrid electric bus operated in New York in 1905. The gasoline-fueled
generator delivered 33.6 kW to power the bus. If the generator supplied an emf of 440 V, how
large was the current?
9. A compact generator has been designed that can jump-start a car, though the generator’s mass
is only about 10 kg. Find the maximum current that the generator can provide at 12 V if its
maximum power is 850 W.
10. Fuel cells combine gaseous hydrogen and oxygen to effectively and cleanly produce energy.
Recently, German engineers produced a fuel cell that can generate 4.2 x 1010 J of electricity in
1100 hours. What potential difference would this fuel cell place across a 40 Ω resistor?
11. Omega, a laser built at the University of Rochester, New York, generated 6.0 x 1013 W for
1.0 x 10-9 s in 1995. If this power is provided by 8.0 x 106 V placed across the circuit, what is the
circuit’s resistance?
12. In 1995, Los Alamos National Lab developed a model electric power plant that used geothermal
energy. Find the plant’s projected power output if the plant produces a current of 6400 A at
4700 V.