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Baroque Instrumental Music
Chapter 9
More on Baroque Instrumental
 Most important form: Concerto and the
Concerto Grosso
 Composition between orchestra and soloist.
 Composition between a small group of
 A way to extend a composition is to write
in in movements or a smaller self
contained section of a greater piece of
Typical Baroque Concerto
 Three Movements
 1. Fast 2. Slow 3. Fast
Ritornello Form
 Theme returns between other musical
ideas. These other musical ideas are
often to show off and include many fast
Vivaldi Violin Concerto
 First Movement
 Fast
 Ritornello Form
Variation Form
 The successive, uninterrupted repetition
of a clearly defined melodic unit.
 Melody may be all in one voice or may
be spread around.
 Usually above a basso ostinato
Vivaldi Violin Concerto
 Second Movement
 Slow
 Variation Form
Vivaldi Violin Concerto
 Third Movement
 Fast
 Ritornello Form
 Polyphonic composition for a fixed
number of lines or voices.
 Fugueʼs theme called the subject.
 Exposition all voices presented in an
organized, clear way.
 Subject Entries - different keys
 Episode - Fantasies from theme.
Dance Suite  Sets of dances in various styles
composed in a suite.
 Baroque dance form
 |:a:||:b:|
French Overture
 ABA form
 Written as stand alone pieces for
 Use to open a concert or performance.