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Database Workshop
May 30, 2008
© 2008 by Fred Kagel, Dir., [email protected], Freehold Computer Training Ctr. All rights reserved.
•Immediately Publishable
•Immediately Searchable
•Certain entries expire in 30 days
How to Create
• Log In:
• You will need an email account
Types of Databases
• Course Schedules
• Events and Activities
• Housing
• Jobs
• Products
• News Articles
• Personals
• References
• Reviews
• Services
• Travel Packages
• Vacation Rentals
• Your own
• Predetermined based on type of database
Number – Units
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Author: Fred Kagel
Memory: 4 GB
Bedrooms: 2
Birthday: 1/1/1980
Directions: Turn right…
Parking included?
1 Main St., Anytown, US
Data Bulk Feeds
Pervasive DataTools
Pervasive DataTools - Data Builders
The Pervasive Data Builders are the tools to
use for building perfectly-structured files for
importing into a specific target application -including online/hosted stores.
Source Side
• The Data Builders support reading data from
literally dozens of Sources - including databases,
text files, spreadsheets, flat files, application
exports, etc. The graphical tool gives you the
power to completely view all the Source data in
its native format, so you can see exactly what
needs to be mapped to your Target. Filtering
and sorting can be used to constrain the Source
data sets.
Target & Mapping
• A world class Source-to-Target drag-n-drop
mapping UI is available to perform any needed
re-structuring of fields and columns to get them
into the exact Target format...that is pre-built
for you!
A full-blown transformation capability is in the
same mapping UI, with easy wizards for editing,
reformatting, cleansing and otherwise
manipulating the data contents on-the-fly so
that only clean data is imported into your target
Supported Target Formats
Epicor Vantage
Google GMail Contacts
QuickBooks IIF
Amazon Store
eBay Store
Yahoo Store
These possibilities
interested me.
And these as well.
Demos for Starters
Microsoft FrontPage
• Configures a Webpage to send contents from
a form directly to a database
• Add a table to a Webpage that will retrieve
and display database content
• Configures Access 2002 w/o opening Access
• Import existing Access database
• Edit database content from Web interface
• Host must support Front Page Extensions
and ASP.NET (Active Server Pages)
– Pages get saved as .asp instead of .htm or
• Web Presence Provider
• Global.asa in root directory of web
Database Wizard
• File | New | Page or Web
– Web Site Templates
– New from Template
• Choices
– Create New Database
– Connect to Existing
– Use sample (Northwind)
• Enter name for connection
• Enter Fields
What do you get
• Submission Form
• Results Page
• Database Editor
Collective Intelligence
Nothing special!
I just like this graphic!