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Prepared by: Gayatinea , Baby Ann BS BIO 2-B
Alcairo , Vincent
Group 1: Narrative Report
Lesson Objectives:
•Define gender studies
•Discuss its historical origins
•Explain its importance in society
Gender studies is about looking into, analyzing, and examining
society so that we notice power relations in the seemingly "simple
things". It helps us see the issues in our everyday lives through a
different lens.
Gender studies emerged from the need to analyze how gender,
sex, and sexuality impact our lives, especially how it creates gender
equality. It came about in the mid 1970's after the second wave
feminism as a way to challenge the male-defined and male –
centered knowledge.
Gender role or sex role are “sets of culturally defined behaviors
such as masculinity and felinity”.
• These roles are not fixed such that the “culturally defined behaviors”
for men and women may be very different 50 years ago or very
different for people from other countries or tribe.
• In a binary system of viewing gender roles, we only see the male
and female where men are expected to be masculine while women are
expected to be feminine.
This is the norm or the accepted standards of how to behave
like a woman (mahinhin) or how to behave like a man
Definition of terms
Gender studies – a field of study concerned about how
reproductive roles are interpreted and negotiated in the society
through gender.
Social Research – the process of investigating social realities.
Research approach – the orientation in understanding social
relatives. This can be qualitative (interpretive), quantitative
(deductive), of both.
Ethics in research - these are considerations in conducting
research to make sure that the well-being of the participants are
ensured, and that the outcome of the study is sound without
undue to people involved.
CONTEMPLATE. The following are common statements we hear from
people. Reflect why you think people agree or disagree with the
statement. Reflect about your own thoughts. Do you agree or disagree
with each statement? Why or Why not?
Boys should not cry.
Girls are bad drivers while
boys are superb drivers.
Boys should not be allowed
to play dolls.
Women should be prim and
Why People Agree
Why People
proper. It is ok for men to be
Gender studies is not just for women or all about women, it is about
everyone. It explores how our gender roles have changed throughout our
history. One hundred years ago, women were not allowed to study at
universities since their role was only restricted to domestic or the
Since then, our society has evolved dramatically, and careers are no
longer dependent on physical ability, making them more accessible to
Most mothers now have a job and are able to support their
families. Gender studies wonder if it's still correct to state that men are the
family's breadwinners when both moms and fathers now work and make
Diversity and Inclusion
Gender roles are socially constructed and are not something that we are
"born with". Society, through a lifelong process of normalization,
encourages or reprimands behaviors to make a child adapt to these social
expectations. If a child does not follow these gender roles, they are
reprimanded by parents, relatives, friends, or anybody that they interact
Gender roles are socially constructed and are not something that we are
"born with". Society, through a lifelong process of normalization,
encourages or reprimands behaviors. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender people often do not fit in the traditional binary gender roles so
they are often reprimanded, bullied, and discriminated.
Gender studies let us analyze the creation and maintenance of these
gender norms so that it does not create inequalities in our social,
political, and economic spheres.
COMMUNICATE. The following are common statements we hear from
people. Reflect why you think people agree or disagree with the
statement. Reflect about your own thoughts: do you agree or disagree
with each statement? Why or Why not?
Would you be Willing to Befriend Someone who….
Is a native of a different country?
Does not have the same religious belief as
you do?
Has a physical or mental disability?
Does not speak your language?
As a subject of inquiry, Gender Studies utilizes a systematic approach in
making assumptions, gathering data and drawing conclusions.
Approaches in Research
Since Gender and Sexuality cuts across a variety of issues that could be
biomedical, psychosocial, or political-legal, there is no singular way in
conducting the research process. These are however a variety of
approaches which can be used.
Qualitative approach focuses more on the meanings created and
interpretations made by people about own personal or vicarious (observe)
experiences. For example, if you want to know how women, men, or
LGBTQ+ make sense of their lived experiences, then the qualitative
approach is fitting.
Phenomenology – conducting intensive interviews with individuals
who have experienced a particular event and understanding their
“live experience”
Hermeneutics – understanding the meaning of texts (literary works,
art works) and what they convey about human realities; and
Ethnography and ethnomethodology – immersing in a community
and talking note of their experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and
Quantitative approach, on the other hand, focuses more on
characterizing population (total number of individual in a group) or a
sample. For instance, if you want to know how many Filipino teenagers
are engaged in a romantic relationship, then a quantitative approach is
Survey – collecting information from a sample ; and
Experiment- creating actual set-ups to observe behavior of people
in an experimental group (a group receiving treatment such as
training or a new experience) and comparing it to the behavior of
people in a control group (a group without any treatment).
In some cases, researchers prefer to used mixed methods (combining
qualitative and quantitative methods to derived data from multiple
Ethics in Gender and Sexuality Research
Ethics is a prerequisite to a properly conducted study. It makes sure that
people involved in the research are protected from harm. There are some
principles to remember in conducting and sexuality researches. These
principles are referred to as ethical principles .
Informed consent - researchers should make sure the participants
in a study are aware of the purpose and processes of the study
they are taking part in. They should also ensure that only those
participants who agree (in writing) will be included in the study, and
they shall not force any participants to join..
Confidentiality and anonymity – researchers should not share
any of the participants' personal information, including their
identities, to anyone who isn't involved in the study. All information
acquired through surveys or interviews should be saved in a secure
filing system.
Non-maleficence and beneficence – a study should do no harm
(non-malefecence) to anyone. Especially in researches involving
humans, a study should be beneficial (beneficence) for it to be
worth implementing.
Distributive justice – any study should not disadvantage a
particular group, especially the marginalized and the oppresses
(e.r., poor people, women, LGBTQ+, the elderly). The benefits of a
study should be for all.
A human ecological approach looks at human sexual lives and
experiences at various levels and spheres of analysis. First, it sees gender
and sexuality as an organismic and personal experience. Second, it
recognizes the interplay between internal and external environmentsphysical, socio-economic, cultural.
Genders, being male or female, have socially constructed meanings, and
it is different in every culture. It is important to analyze how society enforce
gender roles on everyone so we can further understand how power
relations in gender roles can limit an individual's freedom and promote