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Chapter One: Lesson One
Sexuality and Making Responsible Decisions
Sexuality: everything about you as a male or female.
The way you act
Your personality
How you feel about yourself because you are a male or a female.
Learning about sexuality is an ongoing process that changes as you live, grow
and develop.
Physical Health
• Getting at least eight hours of sleep each night
• Eating nutritious meals
• Being physically active on a regular basis
• Drinking up to 8-8 oz. glasses of water per day
• Avoiding harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs
Care for your Reproductive System
• Practice good hygiene
• Getting regular physical exams
• Making responsible decisions to protect against unplanned pregnancy
and sexually transmitted diseases.
Mental and Emotional Health
• Mental and emotional health relates to how well you adjust and
adapt to your surroundings.
• Self Concept: the mental image you have about your self
Qualities of Having a Strong Mental/Emotional Health
Can relate well to others
Cope with life’s daily demands
Can express themselves in a considerate and appropriate way
Developed emotional maturity and critical-thinking skills and are able
to use reason
Social Health
Adolescence is a time of change, not only for your body, mind and
emotions, but also for your relationships.
• Start to shape your own values and beliefs
• You can benefit from seeking advice and feedback from parents and
other trusted adults to help you make healthy decisions
Making Responsible Decisions
1) State the situation
2) List the options
3) Weigh the possible outcomes
H (Healthful)
E (Ethical)
L (Legal)
P (Parental Approval)
4) Consider Values
5) Make a decision and act on it
6) Evaluate the decision
Goal Setting and Healthy Decisions
• Goal: something your aim for that takes planning and work.
Steps To Help You Reach Your Goals
Select a goal and write it down
List the steps you will take to reach your goal
Identify sources of help and support
Set a reasonable time frame for reaching your goal
Evaluate your progress by establishing checkpoints
Reward yourself after achieving your goal