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The Path to Discovery for
Donovan Curtis in Ungifted
What do you think about
when you hear
Hero’s Journey
The departure. The hero
leaves the familiar world
The initiation. The hero
learns to navigate the
unfamiliar world.
The Challenges: The road of
trials and a final major
The return. The hero returns
to the familiar world.
Ordinary world: The hero is a normal
person or member of society. The hero’s
surroundings are common, comfortable,
mundane, or even boring.
The Call: The hero is expected to leave the
Ordinary World. Something invites the hero
into the adventure, the unknown.
Departure for Donovan
Ordinary world:
The Call:
the jumping off point for the adventure;
point between known and unknown.
Initiation for Donovan
the jumping off point for the adventure;
point between known and unknown.
Challenges: The Road of Trials
obstacles/difficult experiences that test
the hero. The hero emerges stronger
from each challenge.
HELPERS: support hero along the way;
are not present during the final battle
Challenges: for Donovan
The Great Ordeal
Greatest challenge of the journey where
one must "slay the dragon”
The Great Ordeal for Donovan
Greatest challenge of the journey
The Return
Hero may initially resist/refuse returning
Hero eventually returns and contributes
to society
shares wisdom or a “prize” gained
The Return of Donovan
Hero eventually returns