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Task 1 : Write the Journal Entry in your own words. It should be about 250 words
You visit your old high school hoping to
relive your childhood memories only to
find that it was closed down years ago.
However, you decide to explore the
grounds anyway.
Write a journal entry detailing our
experience for the day.
Begin your journal with ….. 22 October
Writing Task 1 : For your Journal writing use the following points as a guide.Don’t miss out any of
the points. You have to inculcate everything I have mentioned.
Vocabulary Challenge
Use the following words:
Precarious: (adjective) Not securely held,
dangerously or likely to fall or collapse
Perturbed: (adjective) feeling anxiety or
concern or disturbed
Magic Ingredients
Emotive Language
Short sentences
Rhetorical Questions
Semi – colon
Aim of your Journal Entry :
Use appropriate voice throughout
Use your own vocabulary choices
Vary your sentence structures ( use complex, compound and simple sentences)
Use consistent tense
Use paragraphs
Spell accurately
Student Sample of a Journal Entry :
12th October 2021
Today was a really strange day. A really strange day. I just had to put pen to paper, so here goes! I
promised myself that I’d revisit my old school. It sounds stupid, but I wanted to see if it brought back any
memories, both good and bad. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly to plan. My school no longer
existed. Well, the exterior, to some degree, still existed, but it had clearly shut down a long time ago.
When I saw it in its current state, I felt an immediate sinking feeling. A feeling of regret. It is still playing
on my mind as I write this. Why did I leave it so long? But, I didn’t want to turn back, so I decided
to do something senseless...perhaps dangerous. I entered my old school. It was an eerie sight; debris
carpeted the floor, and a few old light fixtures hung precariously from the ceiling. I momentarily
convinced myself that I could hear gleeful children talking about the magical books they were reading. I
convinced myself that where I was standing was still the place that had once brought me so much
happiness. I convinced myself that my school was exactly the way I remembered it. But, everything had
changed. There was no laughter, no joy, no magic. Nothing. It was a lonely sight, and I was left
shrouded in misery. I felt perturbed by the changes; it was an assault to my senses. So, yes, today really
was a strange day. I don’t know what to make of it all.