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Learning Styles
Dual Enrollment Psychology
Introductory Unit
Learning Styles Inventory
each of the following, mark the
response that most applies to
► When
I’m receiving directions on how to get
somewhere, I understand them better if:
► A.
I see it on a map
► B. Someone tells me how to get there
► C. I draw the map or write the directions
► When
I have to remember a list of items to
get at the store:
► A.
I have to take a written list with me
► B. I tell a friend or repeat to myself what I
need to get
► C. I write a list but don’t really need to take
it with me or look at it again
► To
► A.
understand written material:
I usually just have to read it
► B. I read it aloud or talk to someone about
► C. I write notes in the margin or highlight
am more likely to remember from
► A.
something I saw
► B. something I heard
► C. something I did
► When
► A.
I learn math, I prefer:
to read it in the textbook
► B. to have someone explain it to me
► C. to do some problems myself
would rather:
► A.
read a story
► B. listen to a story
► C. act out a story
learn best in classes when:
► A.
the instructor uses the board and
overhead a lot
► B. the instructor talks a lot
► C. we do a lot of group of activities
► When
I’m putting something together
(“some assembly required”), I usually:
► A.
read the directions
► B. have someone else read them to me
► C. just put it together
► To
► A.
express myself creatively, I prefer to:
paint or draw a picture
► B. write or listen to poetry or music
► C. make or build something with my hands
learn new vocabulary best if I:
► A.
read over them
► B. read them out loud
► C. write them out
Your Results
► Total
your number of responses:
Your Learning Style
Learning Styles
► Your
preferred/strongest way of processing
► May
be different for different subjects
► Might have more than one dominant style
► Consider
your style when taking notes,
reading, studying, and taking tests…
► Think
in pictures
► Examine illustrations and graphs in text
► Write out the answers to review questions
► Use flashcards
► Take notes
 Use color coding, symbols, highlighting
► Make
► Videos
► Read
out loud
► Talk to yourself as you work through tests
► Repeat material to be learned
► Ask questions in class
► Ask instructor to clarify or explain
► Listen to your own tape recorded notes
► Study flash cards aloud
► Explain concepts to others
► Form study groups
► Draw
pictures, diagrams, or maps
► Write what you need to learn
 Take notes/Keep a journal
► Move
around while studying
► Do things with flashcards (sorting, game)
► Outline material
► Recopy notes
► Highlight/Take margin notes in textbook
► Use online tutorials