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What kind of person I am
I am a person with a wide range of interests, like music, painting, movies and crafts, but
many interests are played on a whim, it is difficult to stick to them.
I am a qualified listener, but not a confessor, I am not very good at expressing inner
thoughts of people, like to hide emotions and feelings in the heart. To be exact, sometimes
I don't dare to say what I think, I worry that this idea is not consistent with others, it will look
like I don't get along.
I am a person who is afraid of causing trouble to others and will not bother others easily if
I can do it myself.
I like to spend time with friends that I am comfortable with, but I also enjoy spending time
by myself, which makes me feel free.
When I go out with friends I prefer to go out with two or three or four friends, if a group of
people go out together, it will make me feel less enjoyable.
I'm a student that others think I'm not bad, in terms of ability and achievement, but in my
own opinion I'm just average, just doing what I think is right.
I am a person who is not very good at rejecting people, but I don't like to be this kind of
good old boy, and I hope to learn to reject people reasonably and effectively.
I am a person who is afraid of being hated by others, and I hope to make most people feel
okay about themselves
I am also a person who is hesitant to do things, and often afraid that I will not be able to do
the best things
I'm a procrastinator who won't do anything until it's critical
I will have a kind of ostrich mentality, in the face of a complex situation, will want to escape
first, dragging not to do, to drag out the time to face.
There are times when I am disgusted with myself and wish I could become more confident
and do things with fewer worries
I hope I can become a person with ideas and the courage to express my attitude