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Hello to one and all my name is Gardnerella vaginalis I am a facultative anaerobic Gram-variable rod
that can cause bacterial vaginosis in some women (especially if you don’t take care of yourself) by
disruption in the normal vaginal microflora. I am a resident of the facultative anaerobic Lactobacillus
that highly populates the vagina area for acidic environment. I come from the mighty kingdom of
bacteria my phylum and class is actinobacteria, and my family is bifidobacteriales .While I typically like
to live in genital cultures of females of all ages, it may like to explore the world of stream blood, the
tunnel of urine, and the temples of the pharynx. Although am very popular I like to think of myself as a
secret spy in that I isolate myself without any signs or symptoms of infection making it very hard for me
to be detected. I have a Gram-positive cell wall that is so thin it can appear either Gram-positive or its
brother Gram-negative under the key eye of a microscope. My friends are clue cells, which live in the
kingdom of epithelial cell which is located in the land of bacteria. As I stated earlier I inhibit the flat
plains of the vigaina valley cause I like the small, circular, convex, gray colonies and to snack on their
famous chocolate agar pies; and swim in lake colistin-oxolinic which would burn a normal person but not
me, and another great thing about the lake I get to see one of my favorite people in the world Miss.
Protease. Also while I’m in the vigaina valley I like to sweat out yellow-green color but don’t you worry
about me I’m fine although I’m not sure about you I also can get very red and irritated, but I’m fine
although I don’t know about you, I also like to nite a lot of fish on vacation in the vagaina valleys so I’ll
have a heavy “fish like" odor, but I’m fine although I don’t know about you. Some of my cousins are
trichomonas and candida albicans. Although I am easy going I do have a lot of haters called antibiotic
that try and kill me any chance they get.